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Many families are turning to the trusty staycation to take the fuss and the cost out of getting away over summer. And whilst you might not realise, there are many benefits to making sure you’ve got your travel insurance sorted, even if you’re staying in the UK. But car insurance providers will need to be informed if you're storing your car away from your home for an extended period of time

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Staying in the UK this summer could save you time and money

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Whether you’re getting cosy in Cornwall or heading to the Highlands, there are plenty of beautiful and endearing parts of the country to make you want to enjoy a staycation this summer. And with the average summer holiday abroad costing families in the region of £3000, it’s easy to find more than one reason to stay local.

But if you’re not insured, you could still be left out of pocket

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Most of us think that travel insurance predominantly covers us for accidents, injuries and losses abroad. But if you’re staying in the UK, travel insurance would still come in handy. If your holiday gets cancelled or your top-of-the-range camping gear gets swiped whilst you’re at the beach, wouldn’t it be nice to know you’re covered?

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