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How do I choose the right travel insurance?

Nearly 10 million Brits travelled abroad without the right type of travel insurance in a single 12-month period, according to the Association of British Travel Agents (ABTA). So how do you get the right insurance for your trip? Here are 5 questions to ask before you buy.

Patrick Ikhena From the Travel team
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2. Where are you going?

Staying in the UK – even if you’re having a staycation close to home it makes sense to get travel insurance, so you’re covered if your holiday gets cancelled, for example.

Travelling to the EU – you’ll need EU cover, but be aware that certain countries like Turkey and Iceland are not included as they are technically outside the EU.   

Travelling outside the EU – worldwide cover might be right for you, but check that the specific country you’re visiting is covered by your policy if you’re planning on going further afield. For example, the USA isn’t always covered by worldwide policies.

Where are you going?

3. Who are you travelling with? 

Flying solo? – whether you’re visiting loved ones, backpacking or traveling for business, we can help you find a travel insurance policy for your needs.

In a group – there are often discounts for families or groups travelling together. However, if one of your group has a specialist medical issue it could be better to insure them separately.

4. What will you be doing?

The type of travel insurance you need will depend on what you’ll be doing. For example:

  • Low-risk sports, such as fishing and trekking
4. What will you be doing?

5. Have you got the right level of cover?

When you pick your policy, look for:

  • Emergency medical cover – at least £1million or more within Europe, and at least £2million or more if you’re travelling to the USA or worldwide
  • Personal liability – look for cover up to £2million
  • Cancellation cover – make sure this is at least equal to the cost of your holiday, so £2,000 or more
  • Baggage and personal possessions cover – £1,500 should cover the cost of your suitcase and its contents. Make sure you’ve added up the cost of your belongings and include any expensive items too
  • Holiday spending money cover – around £500 is typical, unless you’re carrying more cash.

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