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When’s the best time to arrange travel insurance?

Answer: Whenever you’re going abroad travelling!

Well yes, we all understand that it’s a good idea to get travel insurance when you’re about to take a trip, but when in the booking and travelling process should you take out the policy?

The answer is still straightforward. The best time to arrange travel insurance is at or close to, the time of booking.


Travel insurance covers you in the event that something goes wrong while you’re on your travels, but also in case something happens before you leave. For example, if you were to fall ill and are unable to travel, you should, with the right policy, be able to recover the costs of the trip.

The longer you leave it after booking, the more risk you’re taking that something goes wrong while you have no coverage in place.

When's the best time to arrange travel insurance?

I’ve forgotten, how late can I leave it?

The answer depends on just how late you’ve left it. If you’re actually lying on the beach and suddenly remember, you’re likely to be too late. Most mainstream insurers won’t cover you after you’ve left for your destination.

That said, in these circumstances if you are really determined to get cover, it is possible that you might find a specialist insurer who is prepared to insure you after you’ve left for your trip.

If you haven’t actually left the country, how late you can leave it varies by insurer but you can certainly book it with all travel insurers with a day to spare.

If you’ve entered the day of travel itself, that’s when it can get trickier, but it’s still possible. A number of insurers will allow you to take out a policy before you leave your home, some before going through customs and at least one while you’re on the plane on the tarmac!

Invalidating your policy

We’re all human and all capable of forgetting to take out cover.

Forgetting is fine, fraud isn’t. Don’t be tempted to try and take out a policy, simply because you know you’re going to trigger it. To do so, you’d have to answer some questions dishonestly. That constitutes fraud. Getting caught will not only invalidate your policy but could land you in hot water.

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