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Winter sports travel insurance

Winter sports travel insurance isn’t something you would usually need to buy when you go on holiday. Not unless you’re planning on hitting the slopes. In which case, we’re very jealous.


Seeing as there are slightly higher risks with activities like skiing and snowboarding than simply relaxing by a pool, you want to make sure you’re completely covered, as most insurers won’t include winter sports in their standard travel policies. 


So, what does winter sport insurance actually cover?

With these kinds of dedicated policies, you’ll normally get all the standard cover you’d expect from regular travel insurance: medical expenses, loss of baggage and cancellation, but with a few added extras. Insurers should include cover for a range of winter sport activities, just like the ones we mentioned above.

Winter sport insurance can cover damage to or loss of your equipment, including the gear you’ve hired. Plus compensation for ski school fees, hire costs and lift passes, should you suffer an injury and aren’t able to continue with your winter sporting activity. And if you fancy going off-piste while skiing or snowboarding, you must remember to check your policy to see if this is possible if you are accompanied by an instructor, some policies don’t allow off piste skiing to be covered at all.

One more important thing: make sure you declare any medical conditions you have. Your policy may not cover you if you have an accident and need to make a claim later on. 


What are the benefits of winter sports insurance?

Insurance policies are there to keep you safe should anything unexpected happen. Even the most experienced outdoor enthusiasts can sometimes suffer mishaps. After all, if you were to injure yourself, a mountainside rescue by helicopter, hospital treatment and flights home can end up costing you thousands of pounds.

But, what about my existing travel insurance?

A common mistake many people make is to think because they have travel insurance bundled for example with a credit card or current account, or they’ve already taken out annual travel insurance, that winter sports cover is automatically included. This is rarely the case, however, and you must check any policy you currently hold before you go.

It’s always best to check with your current insurer, to see if you can buy an add-on, or additional winter sports cover to protect you while you’re on the slopes.

Don't leave this conversation with your insurer until the last minute – or worse, forget it entirely and not get cover at all. You don't want to end up with an enormous hospital bill, if you have a wipe out. So make sure you have your winter sports cover in place before you head out on the slopes. 

Where can I get winter sports holiday insurance?

At comparethemarket.com, we make it our mission to find you the perfect cover at the best possible price ­– and when it comes to travel insurance with winter sports, that’s incredibly important. And the best bit? The whole process takes only a few minutes, as all you need to do is click here, so we can ask you a few simple questions. Once you’re done, you can browse and compare travel insurance quotes from hundreds of UK leading travel insurance providers, giving you more time to plan your perfect winter sports holiday.

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