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If you’re moving home we can help make it easier, from estimating your new energy bills to finding broadband deals and cheap home insurance for your new address. Whether you’re renting or buying we help you avoid paying more than you need.
This includes any rooms excluding kitchens, utility rooms or conservatories

Get an idea of what you’re likely to be paying for bills in your new home by seeing what your new neighbours are spending. Our bills calculator can help you budget whether you’re climbing the property ladder or downsizing. And it works if you’re moving just a few streets or hundreds of miles away.

How does the bills calculator work?

The bills calculator gives you an estimate average prices of household bills for homes similar to yours in your new location – so you can compare and see how much you’re likely to have to pay. It’s quick and easy.

1. Tell us about your new home

Just enter the postcode and a few details about your new home.

2. See how much you could be paying

Based on quotes given to our customers, we’ll show you how much similar homes in your new area pay for their broadband, energy and home insurance.

3. Start a quote and save

Once you’ve seen how much you could be paying and are ready to switch, find great deals by starting a quote with us.

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