Compare Ford Van Insurance

When you think of a Ford van, it’s likely that your mind turns to the famous Transit. Not surprising, with over 6 million of them being sold since its launch over 50 years ago.

There’s more than that to the Ford van range though. Today, whatever your commercial needs, the chances are that Ford will have a van to satisfy your requirements.

Whether you drive it for work or your own personal use, it’s important that you’ve got the right level of insurance in place to protect you and your van.


The Ford range of vans

There are a wide range of Ford vans available, in fact there’s almost certainly one to suit you.

  • Transit Chassis/conversions

The Ford van chassis comes in a variety of styles, combining different carrying capacities. With tippers and dropsides available, the Transit chassis is certainly flexible.

  • The Ford Transit

The Ford Transit is the biggest in a range of vans that carry the Transit name, and is instantly familiar to tradesmen and the public alike. Available in a variety of lengths and heights, the transit can carry up to five pallets in its 15m³  load space.

Also available is the Ford Transit Custom with its flip-up panel in the bulkhead, providing access to an under seat storage area. This allows long items such as ladders and piping up to 3.4m long to be carried safely.

The Ford Transit Courier is the little brother of the Transit. Available with a variety of engine sizes, the Courier meets the needs of those seeking a smaller van.

The Transit also comes as a Kombiminibus, as well as the people-moving Transit Tourneofor those needing to move people rather than goods. With flexible layouts, models are capable of carrying between five and seventeen people respectively.

The smallest van in the Ford fleet is the two seated Ford Fiesta van which can carry up to 500kg.

Ford van insurance

Whichever van you choose, it’s important that you have the right insurance policy in place. The cost of your van insurance will depend on a number of things:

  • Insurance Group

Just how much your van will cost will depend to some extent on its insurance group.

As with cars, all vans have an insurance group which takes into account a number of things such as the cost, power, size, weight and repair costs. Typically, bigger vans are more expensive to insure.

  • How you plan to use the van

How you use your van could impact the insurance cost. Carrying your own items will carry a different level of risk than carrying other people’s goods as a delivery driver for example. Finally, you may only be using your van for your own social and domestic purposes.

Make sure you accurately state this when you take out the policy. Incorrectly assigning your van may invalidate your cover.

  • Other factors

Other factors include those about you as the driver, such as where you live, where the van is kept at night, any security features and any other modifications made.

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With so many factors to take into account, a really simple way to compare insurance quotes is right here with us. Enter the details for you and your van along with how you intend to use your van and we’ll do the rest for you.

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