Improving your van’s security: a guide

Adding safety features to your van could be a smart way to get a better deal from your insurance provider, because you reduce the risk of the van or its contents being stolen. Let’s take a look.

Daniel Hutson From the Motor team
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Making your van more secure

One of the easiest ways to improve your van’s security is to avoid ‘advertising’ the contents of your vehicle to potential thieves. Always try to:

  • Keep your mobile phone or other valuables with you when your vehicle’s parked (if you can’t, keep them out of sight in your van).  
  • Park your van in a busy and well-lit area overnight (or, ideally, in a secured parking area).  
  • When deciding on which van make and model to buy, think about how visible the contents might be to a thief from the vehicle’s rear and side windows (if it has them).

Be aware that your policy might specify that tools left in a van overnight aren’t covered.

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Adding security features  

It’s likely that you’ll have an alarm and an immobiliser fitted as part of your van’s factory settings, but adding more security features could act as a deterrent to thieves. These could include:

  • A van engine immobiliser, which only lets you start your van with the correct fob or key.  
  • A mechanical immobiliser, for example, a steering wheel lock.
  • Steel plates to protect your door handles and mechanisms.  

Make sure you check if any devices you’re looking to buy, or already have, are approved by Thatcham, the motor insurance industry body. 

Installing a tracking system 

Having a GPS-based tracking system linked to your van could also help to reduce your premium. If your vehicle goes missing, it might be recovered more quickly. A GPS tracker for a van can cost as little as £20-£40, plus any installation costs.

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There’s no way to guarantee you van will be safe at all times. But if you take sensible precautions and have the right van insurance in place, you may find added peace of mind – as well as a few extra pounds in your pocket.   

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