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How to get cheaper van insurance

We all like to save a few pennies here and there, but what if we could help save you pounds as well – interested? Van insurance is just one of those jobs that needs to be ticked off the list.

Perhaps you just renew your policy every year, without even thinking much about it – apart from thinking that it’s likely to have gone up in price, again. So we’re here to help put you on the right road to getting a better deal on your van insurance – here’s how.

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Size does matter

It doesn’t matter what you’ve been told – when it comes to vans, size definitely matters. Just as you might make a decision about your car, think about what you’re actually going to use your van for. There’s no point having a van that could fit a football team in, if you’re a children’s entertainer and the biggest thing you carry is a ventriloquist’s dummy, a rabbit and some magic wands.

Also think about the engine size and performance of your van, the more powerful it is, chances are, the more it’s going to cost you to insure. Just remember, small can be just as good, it’s all about how you use it.

But perhaps you already have a van and you’re not going to get a smaller one any time soon, so what else can you do?

How to get cheaper van insurance


Increasing your voluntary excess could reduce your premiums. But be warned, if you make a claim, you have to be prepared to pay that excess so think carefully about whether this makes financial sense for you.


Fitting an approved security system or an immobiliser could also save you money. Adding a tracker might also be worth considering, if your van does go AWOL then at least you stand a good chance of getting it back. Better still, if you’re able to park your van somewhere safe when it’s not being used, such as a secured garage then that might also be a big tick for getting a better deal. Around 47,000 commercial vans are stolen in the UK every year – don’t let yours be one of them.

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Claim your no claims

Good drivers with years of no claims bonus are rewarded with lower premiums simply because insurers can see that they’ve not needed to make a claim and are safer to insure. So if you’ve got a decent driving history on your car insurance, ask your provider if they’ll take that into consideration, some companies will ‘mirror’ any no claims bonus that you have built up on your existing car insurance policy. Needless to say, you need to continue to be a good driver in order to keep your halo untarnished – points for speeding and poor driving can affect your premium.

If you don’t have any no claims bonus on your car insurance, you can build up your no claims on your van after a year so you may see some rewards when you come to renew.

Pay annually

A quick and easy way to reduce your van insurance premium is to pay your full insurance premium up front in one go if you can. You may be charged interest if you pay monthly.

Tell people who you are

In most cases pimping up your ride is a bad idea. Anything that’s ‘off spec’ usually increases insurance costs because the more you customise your vehicle, the more expensive and potentially difficult it is to find parts and repair it.

However, if you customise your van with your company logo or advertising then you could attract lower van insurance costs. That’s because thieves are less likely to steal something that can be easily identified. It also demonstrates to insurers that you’re willing to put your money where your mouth is, and invest time and money into your business by shouting about what you do.

Be honest and be accurate

Be upfront about what you’re using your van for, missing important information will be to your detriment if you need to make a claim. You should also try and be as accurate as possible when declaring your mileage, rounding up might be the easy option but it could push you up the pricing scale.

Additional drivers

You might be a great driver with a clean licence, but what about someone else who you might want to add as a named driver? Drivers with points and anyone under 25 will push up your premium so you might want to think twice about adding on that 19 year old with a penchant for speedway. However, adding a named driver with a good driving history and clean driving licence may reduce your premium.


Probably the most straightforward way for you to find the right van insurance is to compare insurance providers.

But remember that cheap van insurance isn’t always the best insurance – think about what level of cover you would need if you did make a claim or you could end up paying more in the long run. So why not start today by using our van insurance comparison service to see if you can find the right insurance for you and your van – it’ll be another job well done.

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