Van insurance hits record high

Latest research from Consumer Intelligence has revealed that van insurance policies have increased in the year up to February 2018, reaching an average of £563.

Consumer Intelligence’s quarterly Van Insurance Index showed that price increases have been seen across the board but some age groups were spared the worst. Under-25s’ insurance prices only rose by 3.6%; but their costs were already high and now stand at an eye-watering average of £4,770 a year. Average premiums for over-50s are up by 10.7%, while 25-49 year olds have borne the brunt with a 14% price rise.

The growth in costs far outstrips inflation, and these increased costs are having a knock on effect on people’s businesses as profits take a hit to cover higher insurance premiums. 

At the same time it seems van sales are maintaining momentum, with 318,664 light commercial vans flying off the forecourt from January to October last year, a record performance according to the Society of Motor Manufacturers and Traders.

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