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Compare Ford Transit Van Insurance

Of all the different van makes & models around, there probably isn’t a van more iconic anywhere in the world than the good old Ford Transit. Around for over fifty years, the versatile Transit is the go-to van for a huge range of activities. Whether you’re a builder, a delivery company, or a student heading for Glastonbury - the Transit can get the job done.

Making sure your Transit is protected with the right van insurance policy is important. With that, we can help. Before we get into that though, let’s have a look at the current Transit range in more detail.

The Current Transit range

Given the Ford Transits longevity, there are a huge range of models and options available on the second-hand market.

If however, it’s a new Transit you’re thinking of, these days, the Transit isn’t so much a van, as a range of vans.

The smallest Transit is the Ford Transit Courier. It’s car-like front end and driving experience hides the fact that this is a serious commercial vehicle. With a class-leading road length of 2.59m, the Courier can handle 2.4m3 of load weighing. With low emissions (97g/km) and excellent fuel economy (up to 76 mpg), the Transit Courier is a popular small van choice.

The Transit Connect takes the Transit Courier to a different level. With similar good looks, the Connect can handle up to 993kgs of cargo within its 3.7m3 loadspace. The Connect is packed with new technologies too – a mobile office in a van as Ford puts it.

Moving into the more traditional panel van shaped market the Transit Custom is as the name suggests, configurable into a variety of models. These include Van, Double Cab-in-Van and Kombi body styles. On top of that there’s two different lengths and two heights to choose from. That’s before you’ve chosen the equipment you want.

You can create a Transit just right for you with the Custom. At its heart though it’s still super practical, able to take up to 3m lengths within its loadspace of up to 6.8m3.

Finally, there’s the Ford Transit van, the largest of the fleet – for the toughest of jobs. Configurable to many shapes and sizes, with oodles of technology for you to choose from, the Transit has come a long, long way. With the longest L4 model, lengths of up to an incredible 4.2m can be stowed. With new, more efficient engines, the new Ford Transit looks set to keep the legend alive.

Our experts tell us that the average cost of insurance for the Ford Transit is £827.84**. Of course, that is just an average and your price will depend on factors personal to you.

It doesn’t have to be a painful process to compare insurance quotes – let us help you.

Transit - £827.84
T200 - £694.99
Ranger - £691.81
T220 - £652.15
T230 - £662.36
Fiesta - £684.21
Escort - £527.07

**Based on Compare the Market data from May 2018.

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