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Compare Iveco Van Insurance

Iveco don't make cars, in fact they don't make light vans either. Their expertise and experience lies in producing big vans and trucks including articulated lorries.

So, if you're after a make and model that is pretty robust, Iveco could be a good place to start. The Iveco Daily comes with some credentials – with it being named as one of the ‘Best large panel vans’ of 2016 by Auto Express?

Making sure you’ve got the right Iveco van insurance policy in place is fundamental for you and your business. We can help you there but let’s just have a quick look at the Iveco van itself first.

The Iveco Daily

The Iveco Daily van has recently been redesigned. The vans can carry loads of between 7m3 and 19.6m3 depending on the option you choose, the largest option capable of carrying a payload of a whopping 4,000kg.

The Daily has a mind-blowing 8,000 variations, with options on length, height, wheel base, engine size and type, chassis, cab size and more. You’ll be pleased to know we won’t go through them all for you here!

The Daily Hi-Matic is a luxury version of the standard van. It comes in three models – the Urban, the Regional and the International. They're all equipped with a Hi-Matic 8 speed automatic gear box – the first of its kind - which Iveco say makes for fantastic driving.

The Urban is suited for shorter runs in a city environment due to its ‘self-adapting’ gear shift, which automatically adjusts the gear shifting settings based on 20 different settings.

The Regional might be good for longer spells of driving due to its Eco mode which offers increased fuel economy, while the Power mode which provides more power when you need it.

Finally, the International is designed for businesses that use vans to drive long distances. Driver comfort, drivability and fuel economy are at the forefront of the design.

Choosing your Iveco insurance

So, there’s plenty of options to choose from when it comes to buying a new Iveco Daily van – if you like them there's sure to be a design to fit your business needs.

Now you need to compare van insurance quotes to see how the Iveco weighs up.

As it's likely to be a business vehicle (unless you have a personal penchant for big utilitarian vans) you'll need to make sure you include 'business use' on your insurance policy – without it your insurance could be invalidated if you need to make a claim.

Also, as it's a business asset, insuring it fully comprehensive could make sense – that will give you peace of mind if it's involved in an accident as the damage to the van will be covered. A third party policy would only cover other people’s property or any injuries they sustain.

Comparing Iveco van insurance quotes

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