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Compare LDV van insurance

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Compare LDV van insurance

This Birmingham-based van company has had its ups and downs – it ended up going bust back in 2008. But thanks to an influx of Chinese money, LDV is back in the game.  

This is great news for drivers as the company makes a range of panel vans, pickups and minibuses that are well designed, practical and great value for money.  

According to our figures, the V80 panel van is the most popular model. An electric version is also available, allowing you to lower your running costs, as well as your impact on the environment.  

Either way, these vans offer plenty of flexibility, allowing you to choose a height, wheelbase length and weight to suit your business needs.


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Frequently asked questions

How much does an LDV van cost to insure?

Before they can give you a quote for your van insurance, providers will need to know some details about you. Typically, they’ll want to know your age, postcode and driving experience, as well as what you do for a living. Based on this – and how high a risk they consider you to be – they’ll give you a quote.  

Can I cut the cost of my LDV insurance?

There are a few ways that could help you to lower the cost of your van insurance. One is to invest in better security for your van, and to park it somewhere safe overnight. Another is to buy a smaller van, which will typically cost less to insure.

Where can I find LDV insurance?

Looking to insure an LDV van? We can help. By comparing quotes from our extensive list of insurance providers, we can make sure you get the right deal for your needs.  

So why not get started now – comparing is easy, simply give us a few details about you and your van and we’ll do the rest.