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Looking at all the different makes and models of van for your family or business? We wouldn’t be a bit surprised if you are looking for van insurance because you’ve gone for a Mitsubishi. From the multipurpose L200 that’s been around for 33 years and sold over two million units around the world  to the robust and off road capability of the Shogun Commercial, a Mitsubishi van always delivers in all weathers and all terrains.  


What to think about when choosing Mitsubishi van insurance

No matter what type of Mitsubishi van you drive, you need to have the right cover in place if you want to protect your vehicle, your passengers and your load.

The bare minimum you’ll need is third party cover, which is required by law and pays for the damage caused to someone else’s property or any injury they receive if you cause an accident. But the chances are that like the vast majority of van drivers you’ll opt for more comprehensive cover, which will cover any injury to you and damage to your Mitsubishi van if you’re involved in an incident.


Compare Mitsubishi Van Insurance

Customising your van insurance

You can customise your Mitsubishi van policy too to make sure it’s the exact cover you need. You can add or remove additional drivers and include optional extras like tool cover.

You can also adjust your voluntary excess too. Increasing your excess - the amount you have to pay in the event of a claim - could drive down your monthly premium. But think carefully about this, as may not want to fork out hundreds of pounds if you make a claim.

customising your van insurance

Getting Mitsubishi van insurance quotes

So where can you find the best deal? You may be surprised to learn how many companies out there provide competitive Mitsubishi van insurance quotes. 

Luckily, you no longer have to spend days ringing them all to get the best quote. We’ll compare rates from a range of van insurance providers across the market so you can zero in fast on the cover you need at a great rate. Just share a few details about you, your Mitsubishi van, and what you use it for, and in no time at all we’ll show you the most competitive deals from across the market. Nice and easy does it.

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