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Compare Mitsubishi van insurance

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Who are Mitsubishi?

Back in 1917, Mitsubishi built Japan’s very first series-production automobile. The car wasn’t a success for the shipbuilding company, but that rocky start didn’t discourage them from building an international motoring brand.  

Today Mitsubishi is known for large, tough, versatile vehicles, as well as a handful of more compact cars.

If you have a Mitsubishi panel van it’s probably an older model such as the Mitsubishi Express. The current Mitsubishi line-up doesn’t include panel vans. Instead, it boasts the Mitsubishi L200 range of pickups, the Mitsubishi Outlander range of SUVs and the Mitsubishi Shogun range of 4x4s.


Frequently asked questions

How much does a Mitsubishi van cost to insure?

Your Mitsubishi van insurance premiums don’t just depend on the van you choose - the figure you’re quoted for van insurance will depend on many factors, such as your age and driving experience, as well as where you live. Your premium will also depend on how you use the van, and where you leave it overnight. 

Can I cut the cost of my Mitsubishi van insurance?

As with any car or van, there are techniques that could help cut the cost of your Mitsubishi van insurance premium. Tailoring your quote exactly to your needs is a good beginning, as well as installing extra security – and there’s much more you can do too. Find out how to get cheaper van insurance.

If you’re thinking about buying a Mitsubishi van, it’s worth comparing various models and their insurance. Use our comparison service and enter the details of the models you’re interested in.

Where can I find Mitsubishi van insurance?

There’s no need to trawl through different insurance provider sites for your insurance. When you compare Mitsubishi van insurance with Compare the Market, we’ll show you a wide range of quotes from top providers, all in one place. It’s fast and easy.