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Toyota van insurance

Toyota make the world renowned Toyota Hilux, whose slogan is “Hilux. Unstoppable since 1968”. So with nearly 50 years' experience they must be doing something right. The Hilux is a pickup, suitable for a wide range of uses. Used for both business and leisure purposes all over the world, it can function in some very challenging environments, so if you own a Hilux or are thinking of buying one then it’s best to make sure you’re insured for the right type of use.


There is a wide choice of van makes and models so if a traditional van is more your thing, Toyota also manufactures the Proace Van. Marketed by Toyota as being “smooth and responsive to drive”, Proace is a van for all types of business. It comes with a lot of options for length, height, side doors, rear doors, load space, cab layouts and engines. Every option is your chance to tailor the van to your specific needs.


Boasting that the Proace is both reliable and flexible, Toyota offers three options of body type, three payloads and three loading capacities with a maximum load of 1200kg. Three really is the magic number! Front wheel drive and Toyota Traction Select combine to give you maximum control whatever the conditions.


Protecting your Toyota

So if you're the proud owner of a Toyota Hilux or Proace van, the next step is to look for insurance cover for it. It could be well worth your while to shop around when looking for cheap Toyota van insurance. We can help you take the headache out of the whole process.


Let us compare Toyota van insurance policies for you. It’s fast and simple – just visit our van insurance comparison page. Start a quote and complete our questions telling us a bit about you and your van and you can be comparing a list of quotes to meet your Toyota van insurance needs.


Consider your options

Make sure you consider what level of insurance cover you need. Third party only cover is the minimum amount of insurance required by law, but comprehensive cover could be a wise choice for your business asset - especially a valuable one like your Toyota van. We offer private van insurance (where the van is registered in your name not a business name) which you are able to use for almost anything up to hire and reward (haulage). For example, a private van policy could cover ‘social and domestic’ use – which might mean driving friends and family around, trips to the shops, and any hobby-related uses like surfing, go-carting or camping.


But if you earn any money from your hobby, even if it isn't your main income source, you still need a form of business use on your private van insurance. Don’t forget that Commercial van insurance is where the van is registered to a company, not a person (the name will appear on the V5C).


You could also see if any optional extras or ‘add-ons’ are likely to be useful to you. Add-ons will likely increase your premium but can be invaluable if you were to have an accident and need to claim. Consider how you would cope if your van is involved in an accident or damaged in some other way and is consequently out of action.


Some add-ons to consider include:


  • Personal accident cover,
  • Legal assistance,
  • Break down cover,
  • Courtesy vehicle,
  • Windscreen cover


With some policies these features may be included as standard, so check what's covered in each policy so that you don't pay more than you need to – or accidentally under insure yourself. It’s important to make sure you have adequate insurance cover so don’t just snap up the cheapest policy that comes along – and if you use the van for work, make sure you add business use to your policy.


The cheapest policy might not meet all your needs – so don't forget why you're buying a policy in the first place. Then you can get on and enjoy your Toyota.

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