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Making life 'Simples'

The benefits of signing into your account

The benefits of signing into your account

Save time, sign in – it’s simples.

Signing in – yawn – that’s for silly people with too much time on their hands. It’s far quicker to just start and see what happens – right?

But signing into your Compare the Market account means we know who you are (that’s a good thing). Having an account means there are benefits for you too:

  • We fill out your details for you (so you don’t have to write them for the millionth time)
  • You can manage your details in one place
  • We save your quotes – whether car, van, home, bike, pet, life and travel insurance plus energy – so you can check the details and make a purchase when you have more time
  • You can get a quote on your mobile and view it in detail on your tablet or laptop
  • You can sign into your account on a desktop and use the same details for your Meerkat app
  • You can get up-to-date quotes when your policy is due for renewal
  • View all your quotes – old or new – and save quotes for friends and family
  • Easy access to your reward details – because there has to be something in it for you

You see – signing in saves you lots of time. That’s more time to find great deals and get the most for your money. (It’s also more time to mess around doing fun stuff, like looking at fluffy kittens and sneezing pandas on the internet.)

So, don’t dilly dally. Set up your password and feel smug about being organised. Who’s the silly person now? Tick, tock.

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