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After the uncertainty around Brexit, more Brits are choosing to stay closer to home for their holidays. With the impact of coronavirus in 2020, that trend may well continue, as people are more cautious about international travel and travel restrictions remain in place.

After the uncertainty around Brexit, more Brits are choosing to stay closer to home for their holidays. With the impact of coronavirus in 2020, that trend may well continue, as people are more cautious about international travel and travel restrictions remain in place.

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Posted 22 MAY 2020

Do I need travel insurance for the UK?

If you’re thinking about a ‘staycation’, you should still consider taking out UK holiday insurance, just as you would consider travel insurance for a holiday abroad. Although you may not need to worry about medical cover as you would for a holiday abroad, as you’ll still be able to receive NHS care and treatment; you may still want to be covered for things like cancellations and baggage loss or damage.

Please note: most hotels in the UK are currently closed during the coronavirus pandemic. The Government has outlined plans for the re-opening of the hospitality and leisure industry, but these are subject to change and will likely involve social distancing measures, which may impact your travel plans.


International travel is not currently permitted before 17 May 2021 at the earliest (date subject to further confirmation from the government). For single trip and long-stay trips, you won’t be able to get a travel insurance quote if you’re travelling before this date. 

You’re still able to purchase annual multi-trip policies. But if you choose to travel against the Foreign, Commonwealth & Development Office (FCDO) advice and current restrictions, you won’t be covered for your trip. 

While the majority of travel insurance providers don’t offer cover if you’re travelling for essential purposes before 17 May 2021, some are now able to offer cover. If you have any queries, you should check the policy wording or contact your chosen provider before you buy. 

Different rules may apply in England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland and it’s important that you follow all the rules that apply to you. 

For travel advice on your destination, check the FCDO for the latest information. 

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Customers with more serious pre-existing medical conditions

Our panel includes insurance providers who quote cover for all medical conditions declared on our website, with no exclusions.

The Money and Pensions Service (MaPs) has launched a directory of insurance providers on its Money Advice Service website that may be able to provide quotes over the phone, if you have more serious medical conditions. Find more information at the Money Advice Service or by calling the British Insurance Brokers’ Association on 0370 950 1790.

What does travel insurance for the UK cover?

While, as mentioned before, you won’t need to be as concerned about medical expenses on a UK travel insurance policy, there are many other benefits of getting cover for your staycation.

Transport/flight cancellations and delays - You may need to take a domestic flight, train journey, ferry crossing or coach to your holiday destination. Travel insurance could cover the costs of any cancellations or delays during your trip.

Holiday cancellation - If you have to cancel your UK booking for reasons beyond your control, holiday cancellation cover may be able to help you get your money back. Check the policy T&Cs carefully as the reasons for cancellation covered vary between different insurance providers.

Holiday curtailment - Similarly, if you have to cut your staycation short, due to illness, injury or another specified reason, you can recover costs for the holiday you missed out on.

Lost, stolen or damaged luggage - If you’re unfortunate enough to lose your baggage, have it stolen or damaged, you can claim for your belongings, to cover the cost of replacing them.

Baggage insurance is usually included in a standard travel insurance policy, and can cover valuables that you take with you, such as mobiles, tablets and jewellery, if your bags are lost or stolen.

Personal liability - If you’re held responsible for causing damages or injury to another person while on holiday, this can cover legal expenses.

What other types of travel insurance should staycationers consider?

A UK holiday insurance policy should cover you for cancellations, whether it’s for transport or accommodation reservations. Make sure you read your policy carefully to ensure you’re fully aware of the circumstances that you can claim for, to avoid any surprises. Generally, you should be able to claim for the accommodation being at fault, or ‘acts of God’ such as natural disasters, force your accommodation or transport to close.

Are you already covered? 

Before buying UK travel insurance, check to see if you already have appropriate cover in place:

  • Your contents insurance policy may include ‘all-risks cover’ for personal possessions that are lost or stolen outside the home.
  • You may also be able to add ‘away from home’ cover to your home insurance for a little extra cost.
  • If you already have an annual travel insurance policy check to see if it covers personal possessions loss, and cancellation costs for a UK holiday. If it already provides the cover you need, you might not need to take out a separate policy.

What other types of travel insurance should staycationers consider?

Whether you’re planning a white-water rafting trip to Wales, or are travelling around the UK for business, you may want to consider specific cover to suit your needs:

  • If you’re into extreme sports, dedicated sports insurance can offer a higher level of cover than standard travel insurance.
  • If you’re skiing or snowboarding at Glenshee, consider Winter sports protection.
  • If you’re planning a golf holiday at one of the many resorts around the UK, golf travel insurance can be included to cover your golfing equipment and even personal liability.
  • If you travel the UK on business, business trip insurance may offer more comprehensive cover than standard travel insurance.

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