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What insurance do you need for a staycation in the UK?

The term ‘staycation’ is a word that has come into common usage recently to refer to a holiday in the UK. But car insurance providers will need to be informed if you're storing your car away from your home for an extended period of time. With the value of the pound having fallen against the Euro, more people may decide to holiday at home rather than head for Europe. You may be used to taking out travel insurance when you go abroad, but do you need it on a UK holiday?

Do people need to think about travel insurance when holidaying in the UK?

Domestic holiday insurance can be very valuable. When holidaying abroad, one of the main reasons why you think you may need travel insurance is if you need to access medical treatment in the country you are staying in. When holidaying in the UK, this is not an issue as you will still have full access to the National Health Service.

However, one of the most compelling reasons to take out travel insurance for your staycation is that you might take a lot of valuable personal possessions with you on holiday.

Insurance provider Policy Expert claims that the average staycationer will take £676 worth of valuables with them on their trip, and also that around 70% of UK holidaymakers will head off without any travel insurance in place. The chances are you will take your mobile phone, your wallet/purse and a camera on holiday with you, and possibly some of your jewellery and a laptop as well.

Just because your holiday will be taken in this country does not mean you definitely won’t need to cancel your holiday because you become ill, so this is something else you should consider insuring against.

However, before rushing to buy UK travel insurance, check if you already have appropriate cover in place. Your contents insurance policy may include ‘all-risks cover’, where your personal possessions are covered for loss or theft that occurs outside the home.

If you have annual travel insurance of some kind in place already, check if it covers the loss of personal possessions whilst on holiday in the UK, and if it covers the costs incurred by cancelling a UK holiday. If your existing insurance will provide the cover you need, then there is no need to buy a separate policy.

You may also be able to add ‘away from home’ cover to your home insurance policy for little extra cost, so consider this as an alternative to taking out a specific travel insurance policy

What kinds of travel insurance are available for 'Staycationers'

As with overseas travel insurance, UK travel insurance can be purchased on an annual basis or a single trip basis. Which one you buy is likely to be dictated by how frequently you expect to travel within the UK.

Policy features will differ between insurance providers, so for example some policies will provide cover if you miss an internal flight, ferry or train through no fault of your own.

If you travel in the UK for business purposes, then you may benefit from the dedicated ‘business trip’ insurance that is offered by many insurance providers. On a business trip especially, you may take lots of expensive electronic items.

The exact features offered by business travel insurance policies will once again differ between insurance providers. Some of the more comprehensive policies might offer cover not just for lost and stolen items and missed transport connections, but may also include features such as replacement colleague cover – allowing a business colleague to travel if you can’t. Some plans will also allow you to cover possessions that are not required for business purposes, so you can be covered if for example you want to take your golf clubs for the times when you aren’t required to work.

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