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We all love to get away from it all, whether it’s reading a book on the beach, or a driving trip around the Continent. But accidents do happen – especially if you’re the sporty type or partial to an adrenaline rush – and can prove costly if you’re not properly insured. So, whether you’re taking the family to the seaside, a gap year student setting off on the trip of a lifetime or simply making the most of your retirement, there could be a policy to keep you covered – even in your swimming costume. 

Just pop in some details, tell us where you’re going, and off you go!

Frequently thought questions

A few things you’d like to clear up first? Maybe you’re not sure why it’s worth comparing your travel insurance insurance, how long it will take or what cover you need?

Well then you’re in luck. We’ve written the following answers to questions frequently thought, but rarely asked, about finding great deals on your travel insurance.

Why do I need travel insurance?

You need travel insurance as it can help cover the cost of medical care abroad. It can also cover you for lost or stolen items, trip delays and more. From single trip cover to longer journeys, we can help you with a travel insurance comparison. 

What type of travel insurance is right for me?

Picking the right travel insurance policy depends on how often you’re travelling, how long you’ll be away and the kinds of things you’ll be getting up to abroad. The most common types are as follows.

Why compare travel insurance with

We provide impartial and independent comparison of a range of the UK’s best travel insurance packages.


With great value deals on single, direct and annual holiday insurance, we could find you a cheap price in minutes.


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Before you begin comparing travel insurance

Our forms are quick and easy to fill out, but do require some basic info about your travel plans.


To make things simple, have any holiday documents to hand.


Keep the dates of any planned trips in mind and make a list of the valuables you might take in your luggage if you can.

What should I consider when choosing a policy?

The type of cover you’ll need will vary depending on the type of travelling you’re doing. A couple of weeks in the sun, a skiing holiday or six months travelling will all require different types of insurance.


You’ll want to pick a policy with the right level of cover and inclusions for you. For example, comprehensive policies will typically cover you for the following: loss of baggage, theft, cancellation, medical treatment, public liability and emergency repatriation.


You should also be able to add extras to your policy for anything which isn’t included as standard.

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