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Comparing insurance for golf holidays

Whether you’re a keen golfer or you just enjoy playing a casual game or two during a beach holiday, you’ll need to make sure you have the right travel insurance to cover you and your golf clubs on and off the greens. 

Travel insurance for golfers can cover green fees if sickness, bad weather or an accident stops you from playing. It can also cover any damages, and loss or theft of your golf clubs while you’re away. 

If you’re off to the USA, Spain, Portugal or another golfing paradise, here’s what you need to know in preparation for your trip. 

Do I need specialist golf travel insurance?

You may be covered by standard travel insurance to play golf while on holiday but, if golfing is the main reason for your trip, you might find you’re better covered by a specialist policy. 

Did you know that you could be held personally responsible if a wayward shot injures someone or damages property? Golf travel insurance typically includes public liability insurance and covers damage to someone’s property. 

While standard travel insurance will cover cancellations of flights and accommodation costs, specialist golf travel insurance will normally also cover you for any non-refundable green fees you’ve paid in advance, in case bad weather or illness prevents you from playing. 

Specialist golf travel insurance may also be the best option if you’re taking your own clubs and equipment, rather than hiring them. Golf equipment is notoriously expensive and standard travel insurance may not cover you for the cost of replacing your clubs if they’re lost, damaged or stolen on your trip.

What does golf insurance cover?

A typical golf travel insurance policy can include: 

  • Cover for accidental loss, theft or damage to your golf equipment, including clubs, bags, non-motorised trolleys and shoes 
  • Cover for non-refundable green fees if you can’t play due to an accident, sickness or adverse weather 
  • Replacement golf equipment hire 
  • Financial failure protection if your travel company, hotel or airline go into administration 
  • Business travel insurance 
  • Medical and repatriation expenses 
  • Personal liability insurance and legal costs, in case you injure another person while playing 
  • Damage to third-party property, in case a wayward shot breaks a window or hits someone’s car  

Frequently asked questions

Can golf travel insurance be included in a single or annual trip?

Yes, golf travel insurance can be included in a single trip or annual trip policy, typically by adding it as an extra cost.

Will a standard travel insurance policy cover me to play golf?

The level of golf cover offered by a standard travel insurance policy should be detailed in your policy documents – check the wording carefully. A standard policy may cover you to play golf, but it might not provide enough cover if you’re taking your own golf clubs.  

If your travel insurance doesn’t cover you to play golf, you could shop around for a specialist golf travel insurance policy. This type of policy will offer extra cover specially designed for golfers. Unfortunately, you can’t compare this type of insurance with Compare the Market.

How much cover do I need?

To work out how much cover you need for your golfing holiday, you should take into account: 

  • How much your golf clubs and other equipment are worth – don’t forget to include your trolley, balls and any GPS gadgets 
  • How much you’ll likely be paying for green fees. Are you playing at prestigious and expensive courses? 
  • Is this a one-off golfing holiday or would you be better off with an annual policy
  • Are you going by yourself or with a group? You could consider a group travel insurance policy instead. 

Does golf insurance cover injuries?

Golf is considered a ‘low-risk’ sport for insurance purposes, so accidents and injuries to yourself should be covered under a standard travel insurance policy.  

If you have any pre-existing medical conditions, you’ll need to tell your insurance provider before you travel.

What’s not covered by golf travel insurance?

There’s a few common exclusions to look out for when taking out any travel insurance policy, including for a golfing holiday. You normally won’t be covered: 

  • If you travel to a country against FCDO advice 
  • For treatment for any pre-existing medical conditions that you failed to disclose to your insurance provider 
  • For accidents that happen while you’re under the influence of drugs and alcohol 
  • For general wear and tear damage to your golf clubs 
  • For loss, damage or theft that was caused by your own carelessness: for example, leaving your golf clubs unattended in a public space 
  • For holiday disruption related to terrorism, civil unrest or natural disasters, unless your policy states otherwise.  

Does golf insurance cover disruption caused by COVID-19?

Many travel insurance providers offer some cover for COVID-19, but you should read the terms of any policy carefully to see what’s included and what’s not. Your golf holiday insurance could cover: 

  • Emergency repatriation if you get sick with COVID-19 while you’re away 
  • Trip cancellation if you test positive for COVID-19 before you’re due to travel 
  • Non-refundable green fees or pre-paid activities if you contract COVID-19 and you’re ordered to self-isolate  
  • Cancelling your trip because of the death of a relative from COVID-19. 

You can find policies that offer cover for Covid-related disruption when you compare with us. Just click the ‘more details’ option on the quotes results. 

Will golf travel insurance cover ‘new for old’ replacement for my clubs?

Some golfing holiday insurance policies will offer to replace your clubs on a new-for-old basis if they’re lost, damaged or stolen. Check the fine print carefully though, as some providers will only replace old equipment for new if it’s under a specified age.

What else should I look out for when comparing golf travel insurance policies?

Look out for: 

  • The maximum cover available for individual club replacement, particularly if you have expensive clubs. Look for the single item limit on your policy 
  • The maximum amount of lost green fees covered per day, especially if you’re off to play at a pricey resort 
  • The maximum amount you’ll be able to pay to hire equipment per day, if your clubs are lost, stolen or damaged. 

Should I tell my insurance provider about pre-existing medical conditions?

If you’re considering golf travel insurance and you have a pre-existing medical condition, you should tell your insurance provider about it when you take out the policy. 

While a medical condition could mean that your premium costs a little more, not declaring it could invalidate your entire policy.

Do I need to show the receipts for my golf clubs to make a claim?

You might. If you no longer have the original receipts for your clubs, read any policy carefully before you buy to check that you’d be able to claim without providing proof of purchase. In some cases, your insurance provider may reduce the amount you can claim for expensive items without proof of purchase.

What is hole-in-one cover?

If you’re lucky enough to get a hole in one on your holiday, the excitement could quickly turn to a sinking feeling when you get to the clubhouse and realise you’re expected to foot the bar bill for all the other golfers there.  

Hole-in-one cover means you can claim on your insurance for the costs of buying the customary hole-in-one round at the bar. Typically, it’s not included in a standard travel policy but might be covered by specialist golf insurance. Read your policy carefully to see what you need to provide to prove your feat, such as a certified score card and your bar receipt.

Will golf travel insurance cover me for driving a golf buggy?

Golf insurance may cover you for accidents and injuries sustained while driving a golf cart but not for any damage to the cart. Read your policy carefully to see what’s covered and look out for any exclusions, such as for claims when driving a golf buggy under the influence. And make sure you stick to the safety guidelines and rules of the golf course.

Where can I compare golf travel insurance?

If you’re planning a golfing trip, a great starting point could be to explore your options with our comparison service. 

The level of cover you need will depend on things like where you’re going, the equipment you’re taking and how much you’re planning to play. 

If you can’t find a provider that offers the level of cover you want, it may be worth shopping around for a specialist golf travel insurance provider.

How much does travel insurance cost?

Single trip travel insurance for 1 week in the UK from

Annual multi-trip travel insurance for Europe from £8.85[2]

Worldwide travel insurance from £15.95[3]
for 1 week

[1] Based on Compare the Market Data for a single trip travel policy for a 20 year old with no pre-existing medical conditions travelling in UK for 1 week.

[2] Based on Compare the Market Data for an annual multi trip travel insurance policy for a 20 year old with no pre-existing medical conditions travelling in Europe.

[3] Based on Compare the Market Data for a worldwide travel insurance policy for a 20 year old with no pre-existing medical conditions travelling for 1 week.

All prices correct as of January, 2023.

Start a quote

What do I need to get a quote?

To find you the most competitive travel insurance quotes, here’s a few things we’ll need to know:

  • Where you’re going. The cost of your cover will vary depending on whether you’re travelling in the UK, Europe or further afield.
  • How long you’re going for. Is it a golfing weekend away, a month’s extended trip or something in-between?
  • Single trip or multi-trip? If you’re planning more than one holiday in a set period of time, it might be worth thinking about a multi-trip policy.
  • How much baggage cover do you need? Make sure you get the right level of cover to protect all the golf equipment you’re taking with you.

We’ll also need to know a few personal details, including your age and any existing medical conditions you may have.

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What our expert says...

“A golfing holiday should be the perfect opportunity to relax and socialise on the course, without worrying about travel insurance. With all that expensive equipment coming along with you, it pays to know you have the right level of insurance to reimburse you if any of your possessions go astray."

- Josh Daniels, Travel insurance expert

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