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Comparing insurance for golf holidays

Whether you’re an avid golfer, or you’re planning a few informal rounds during a beach holiday, you’ll need to make sure you have the right travel insurance. Here’s what you should know ahead of your trip.

Frequently thought questions

What’s covered by golf travel insurance?

Golf travel insurance can be included in a single trip or annual trip policy. Whether or not a standard policy covers your golfing trip depends on many things, including the level of personal liability and equipment cover you’ll need.


The level of sports cover offered will be outlined in your policy document. If you’re in doubt that what you’re being offered will cover you for golf, then you could shop around for a specialist policy from another provider.

What might not be covered by sports travel insurance?

While most insurance policies will cover your baggage up to a certain value, this may not meet the cost of replacing your expensive golf equipment if it gets lost, stolen or broken.


Playing golf could mean there’s a higher risk that you, or someone else, get hurt. So you may also need to think about personal liability. Although it’s rare, you could be sued if you injure a fellow golfer for example after hitting a wayward shot.


Therefore, you might want to think about an insurance deal offering higher cover for legal costs in case the worst does happen. Specialist golf travel insurance could pay out a refund of green fees too.

What else should I know?

If you’re planning any other activities during your trip – such as biking, winter sports or rock climbing – it’s worth checking what’s covered by your policy.

Don’t forget that travel insurance might also cover you if your trip is cancelled, delayed or cut short. So it’s always better to arrange travel insurance straight after booking your trip.

And if you're going away for more than 60 consecutive days, then backpacker insurance with additional cover for sports may be better for you.

Where can I compare the market?

The best insurance for your golfing holiday will depend on a number of things, and a great starting point could be to explore your options with

If you can’t find a provider which meets the level of cover you need – depending on things such as where you’re going, the equipment you’re bringing, and how much you’re planning to play – then it may be time to shop around elsewhere for a specialist insurer.

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