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Catering business insurance

Catering business insurance

If you run a catering business, whether for weddings or corporate events, from a food van, market stall or a kitchen, you’ll want to ensure your business is protected.

Here’s a look at some types of business insurance that you might need for your catering company.

Emily Kindness
From the Business team
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posted 11 MARCH 2O2O

Do I need catering insurance?

Any business owner, no matter the size of their enterprise, should consider how the right kind of insurance could protect their business.

As a catering business owner, you’ll be dealing with people, food and crucial kitchen equipment on a daily basis.

Catering insurance can protect your business from a range of risks associated with food preparation and catering services.

What types of catering business insurance should I consider?

There are three main types of catering liability insurance you should consider to help protect your business:

Public liability insurance

This could cover you if someone is injured or their property is damaged because of your business.

Product liability insurance

This could protect you if somebody falls ill because of product you’ve sold. For example, if they suffer from food poisoning after eating food you’ve provided.

Employers’ liability insurance

This is a legal requirement that you must have if you employ one or more people in your catering business. It could cover you if one of your employees falls ill or is injured as a result of working for you.

What other types of catering insurance might I need?

Other types of catering insurance you may want to consider include:

Business Interruption insurance could help cover any loss of income while your catering business is unable to operate.

If you run a mobile catering company, you’ll want to consider commercial vehicle insurance for your delivery van or food truck.

Business contents insurance can protect valuable kitchen equipment, appliances and your stock against theft, fire or damage.

If you own your catering business premises, you’ll also need to consider buildings insurance. As well as the cost of repairing or rebuilding the structure, this covers any permanent fixtures and fittings in the kitchen and bathroom.

How can I get catering business insurance?

Compare with us and we’ll send you a range of quotes for the different types of catering insurance that you may need.  
When filling out our online form, you can tailor it so your search results will be specific to your catering business.

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