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Is my car insured?

We can all be a bit forgetful, especially when it’s about things that only need doing once a year – like a spring clean or renewing your car insurance. But if you forget to insure your car – a legal requirement once you get behind the wheel – there could be serious legal and financial consequences for you. 

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Who needs car insurance?

If you have a car and you use it, you’ll need a minimum of third party insurance to stay legal on the roads. If you don’t use it, you’ll need to make a statutory off-road notification or SORN . If you don’t have car insurance and you don’t have a SORN, then you could be fined, at best, and at worst your car could be seized, clamped or even destroyed. 

Is my car insured?
what happens if my car isn't insured?

How can I check if my car is insured?

It’s easy to forget whether your car is insured (and if it is, who it’s insured with), especially if you’ve fallen into the auto-renewal trap and you roll your policy over every year without comparing the market for better deals. So if you’ve lost all your paperwork, check your emails – most insurance providers now contact their customers via email. If that draws a blank, take a look at your bank or credit card statements to see if there’ve been any payments to your insurance provider. If you’re still no clearer, then check the Motor Insurance Database (MID), which is a national register of all the cars that have been insured in the UK. If the MID computer says ‘yes’, then your car’s insured. If computer says ‘no’, on the other hand, you’d better start comparing.

What happens if my car isn’t insured?

First of all, it’s an offence to drive on any public road without insurance. Police take a very firm view of people driving without insurance and can hand out severe penalties. If the matter is referred to the courts, the consequences could be harsh. Penalties can range from a £300 fine and 6 penalty points, all the way up to having your car seized and destroyed in the most severe cases.

My car insurance is due for renewal. When should I consider switching provider?

Don’t wait until the last minute. Our research has shown that you should think about switching your car insurance three weeks before the renewal date to make the best savings. On average, it could save you a pretty impressive £349 over the year. If you wait until the actual renewal date to make the switch, the average cost of car insurance is £756; switch three weeks before and the average price is £407.

Who is my car insured with?

If you’ve forgotten who you are insured with, go through your emails to see if your insurance provider has been in contact with you. Then check your bank or credit card statements to see who you’ve been making payments to for your insurance.

When you click through to one of the insurance providers on comparethemarket.com, you could be buying your insurance directly from the underwriter (the person or company who underwrites the insurance risk), or a broker.

Is car insurance transferrable

Insurance policies are tailored to you as an individual and, as such, can’t simply be transferred to someone else – even your spouse or partner. You can alter the details, such as update your address, change the car or switch the main driver, but there could be charges or a change in your premium.

If you want to amend your policy, you need to contact your insurance provider. They may agree to alter your existing cover but they could ask you to take out a new policy.

How do I know I’m getting a good deal?

A good insurance deal will be the one that suits you and your lifestyle. But the quickest way to check what’s on the market is to start a quote now – a bit like speed dating for car insurance. We’ll compare over 100 of the UK’s car insurance providers to help you get a great quote.

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