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Does travel insurance cover flight cancellation?

Does travel insurance cover flight cancellation?

Travel insurance can cover costs if you need to cancel your flight. However, this is usually under specific circumstances, such as you’ve had to cancel your flight or holiday because of an illness or injury. Other valid cancellations may include bereavement or job loss. Find out more below. 

Patrick Ikhena
From the Travel team
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posted 01 MAY 2020

My flight was cancelled (or severely delayed). Do I have flight cancellation insurance as part of my travel insurance?

Usually, you won’t be able to get compensation in the event of a flight cancellation that is caused by strike action, severe weather, or anything else the airline deems beyond its control. That said, it’s always worth checking with the airline just in case.

But your travel insurance policy may allow you to reclaim all your costs if:

  • Your flight is delayed more than 24 hours, or
  • Your flight is cancelled and the airline doesn’t rebook you on an alternative flight within 24 hours.


On 4 July 2020, the Foreign and Commonwealth Office (FCO) announced a list of countries that are exempt from its ongoing advice against all non-essential international travel.

If you choose to travel overseas to a destination where the FCO is advising against non-essential travel at the time of your departure, then your insurance policy will be invalid, and any claim likely to be rejected.

For domestic travel, please check the local public health rules for the destination you wish to travel to within the United Kingdom.

For more information, please see our coronavirus and travel insurance page.

My flight was cancelled, and my policy doesn’t cover it. How can I get compensation?

If your flight is cancelled or is delayed by more than three hours, your airline should compensate you. To find out the airline’s specific procedure for making a claim, check its website or call in.

You have a legal right to compensation if you were flying to or from a European Union (EU) country or with an EU-based airline. Depending on the extent of the disruption you suffered, you could receive up to £532 in compensation.

It’s also worth checking what’s covered by the travel cancellation part of your travel insurance. It could help you cover costs for your hire car, to cancel a connecting flight, or to cover that hotel room you pre-booked.

I need to cancel my seat on a flight. Am I covered?

Your travel insurance could well cover you if you need to cancel your seat on a flight due to unexpected events like these:

  • Unforeseen illness or injury suffered by you or by a close relative, by your intended travelling companion or by the person you were going to stay with when you were away.
  • If you have to attend a court of law as a witness or on jury service.
  • If you are made redundant from your job.
  • If you or your travelling companion is a member of the armed forces, police, fire, nursing, or ambulance services or a Government employee who can no longer travel because authorised leave has been cancelled.]
  • The police requesting you to remain at home or return from your holiday because of damage to your home caused by fire, explosion, flood, theft.

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