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Comparing 4 x 4 insurance

4x4s have become very popular in recent years. Land Rover, Range Rover and Jeep remain favourites, but there are lots more options. It’s important you get the right car insurance policy for your vehicle.


What might affect the cost of my 4x4 car insurance?

The cost of 4x4 insurance is calculated using a number of factors related to you and your car, for example your age and driving history. An insurance provider will also want to know things such as the vehicle’s value, what you use it for, where you keep it and how many miles you expect it to drive in the year ahead. Other factors are also likely to be considered before you’re given an insurance quote. 

Why is 4x4 car insurance so expensive?

What you pay for your 4x4 car insurance will depend on the car insurance group your vehicle falls into. Cars assigned to Group 1 are rated the least expensive to cover, while those in Group 50 are rated more expensive. A 4x4 is likely to fall into a higher ‘ratings’ group.


This is because, generally speaking, heavier vehicles attract higher premiums. While bigger cars may be less likely to sustain damage, the flip side is that 4x4s are more likely to cause damage in an accident due to their size and weight. Also, they can also be pricey to repair as the parts are often heavy duty.

How can I reduce the cost of insurance for my 4x4?

If you want to reduce your premium, you could look at increasing the amount of voluntary excess you are willing to pay if you need to make a claim after an accident. However if you do decide to do this, be sure you can afford that excess and the compulsory excess in the event you ever need to make a claim. And of course you can try to build up your no-claims bonus by driving sensibly at all times. 

Is there any way I can avoid 4x4 car insurance?

No. While 4x4 insurance can be pricey, you can’t go without it. That’s because, since 2011, a law known as Continuous Insurance Enforcement (CIE) has been in force. 


This makes it a legal requirement for the registered owner of any vehicle to have insurance. The only exception is if you make a SORN, or Statutory Off Road Notification, when you take a vehicle 'off the road' to stop its tax and insurance.


You’ll need to tell the DVLA you’re taking your vehicle off the road, for example if you’re keeping it in a garage for a long period of time.


Don’t forget that if you decide to put the vehicle back on to the road, you’ll need the right insurance – and a full MOT and tax – otherwise you could face a fixed penalty notice and court prosecution. And your vehicle could be impounded or destroyed.

Where can I compare the market?

The best insurance for your 4x4 will depend on lots of things, and a good starting point could be to explore car insurance policies with We can offer van or car insurance quotes, depending on how your four-wheel drive vehicle is classed.

If you can’t find a provider offering the level of cover you’re after – then it may be time to look elsewhere for a specialist insurer.