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Comparing 4 x 4 insurance

4x4s have become increasingly popular over the years and are now driven by city dwellers and famers alike. Some 4x4 drivers will probably never actually engage their 4 wheel drive option, but people like the all-round visibility, styling, power and security of a 4x4.


There are now hundreds of models and types to choose from. The iconic utility Land Rover, Range Rover and Jeep are ever popular, of course, but you also have the option of more lightweight 'crossover' models or SUVs, making a 4x4 more accessible to buy.


The downside of a 4x4 is the cost. They can be expensive to buy, particularly the traditional 4x4 makes, and can cost quite a bit to run as a result of things like fuel. They can also be pricey to repair as the parts are often heavy duty. The plus points, though, are that they will go absolutely anywhere and pull pretty much anything, they're great fun for families and people with dogs too.


Luxury vs practicality


There is a 4x4 for every use. For serious off-roading, you can get utility models that can be jet washed inside and out and have full 4x4 capabilities. For urban living, you may want to opt for something luxurious that you never want to put a dirty wellie boot in. Crossover models are also great for city driving- they look like a 4x4 – big and sturdy, but might actually be a front wheel drive.


If you're after an off road vehicle or you've already got one that you actually use ‘off road’, you could get off road insurance which will cover you for more than everyday road driving. Don’t forget that off road insurance is unlikely.


To be included as part of your normal car insurance policy, it’s a specialist insurance cover that you might need to take out separately. If you do decide to take up off-roading as a hobby, you'll need a 4x4 that can really handle it - and it'll probably need off-road tyres too.


Diesel, petrol or even hybrid

4x4's are available as petrol, diesel and petrol-electric hybrid – so you have the option of how economical and environmentally friendly you want to be. For a smaller carbon footprint a hybrid could be your best option; if you’re after something that moves fast then you'll probably want a petrol and diesel engines are probably best for distance driving.


4x4 insurance groups

One of the key areas that will affect your 4x4 car insurance cost is what 4 x 4 you choose to buy. Some 4x4's are right at the top of the insurance group ratings as they are generally expensive to buy and repair.  They're also heavy, and one of the ways vehicles are classified into insurance groups is by their weight, so the bigger and stronger, your car and its engine, the more likely it is to be at the higher end of the insurance groups. As well as that, although less likely to sustain damage, 4x4's are more likely to inflict damage due to their weight. Finally, age of vehicle can affect your insurance group - the same model of car but different years of manufacture can put it in a different group.


Finding good value 4 by 4 insurance

Your 4x4 may be in a higher insurance group, but that doesn't mean we can't get you great value 4 by 4 car insurance.  Create an account and we'll provide you with a range of quotes that suit your needs, for you to consider. If you want to reduce the premium further, you can look at factors like increasing your voluntary excess – but if you do decide to do this, make sure you can afford that excess should you ever need to claim. Insuring a 4x4 doesn't have to be expensive so compare and buy today. 

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