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If you’re buying a new car or looking to renew your car insurance, it’s always handy to know which insurance category your car falls into. With our car insurance group checker, it’s easy to find out. Simply enter the details below and away you go.

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Use our car insurance group checker

To find out which insurance group your car is in, just enter the details below. Once you’ve found your group, start a quote to see what premium you could pay.

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What can I do if my car is in a higher insurance group?

If your car is in one of the more expensive car insurance groups, you might still be able to bring down the cost.

Complete a car insurance comparison with Compare the Market and we’ll show you a list of quotes from our panel of insurance providers. 

You can also check what’s included in the policy. If having breakdown cover or a courtesy car doesn’t matter much to you, look for policies that don’t include these options. You could find this reduces the cost of your premium – just don’t remove them if you think you might need them.

What can I do if my car is in a higher insurance group?

Can I do anything else to help keep insurance costs down?

You might consider setting a higher voluntary excess, just remember if you do make a claim, you’ll have to pay both the compulsory and voluntary excess. 

You may also want to invest in security-enhancing features, such as an immobiliser, steering lock or an approved alarm system. Providers will often take these into account and adjust your premiums accordingly, but it’s a good idea to check with them first before you fork out. 

Similarly, you might benefit from a telematics or “black box” policy, where your driving data is shared with your insurance provider and safe driving is incentivised.  

Reducing the mileage you do in your car could cut the cost of your premium – the less you’re on the road, the less of a risk you’re seen to be by your insurance provider. However, always be honest about the miles you do, as underestimating could invalidate your policy in the event you make a claim.

Will an additional named driver on my policy be beneficial?

It can bring down your car insurance quote if you include an experienced named driver on your policy, such as a parent or older sibling. Just make sure you don’t declare them as the main driver as you don’t want to be accused of ‘fronting’ – a type of fraud that would make your policy invalid. 

Will an additional named driver on my policy be beneficial?

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