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Compare accidental damage home insurance

Whatever type of property you live in, your furniture and possessions can add up to a tidy sum should you need to replace them. That’s why it’s always a good idea to have home contents insurance to protect you from the loss of, or damage to, the things that belong to you. That way you’ll have peace of mind that the loss of your items won’t leave you out of pocket.

Your home is also one of the biggest purchases you will make in your lifetime, that’s why it’s also a good idea to have home buildings insurance to cover you should your home and belongings be damaged due to an insurable event such as flood or fire.

Frequently Thought Questions

It can be confusing enough having to put buildings and contents insurance in place. Now there’s the question of whether you want to pay extra for accidental damage cover. What does that mean, what does it cover? Read on and we’ll hopefully answer some of the things you have in mind when it comes to deciding about accidental damage cover.

Is it really worth insuring my contents?

You might look around you and think that you don’t have that much stuff. Trust us though, if you start to add up how much it’s worth, it really can go up quickly. Insurance providers define contents as pretty much all the things you have in your house that you could pick up and take away if you went to live somewhere else.

This includes carpets, curtains, pictures and your furniture as well as all the small things you own like plates, ornaments. Don’t forget electronic items including your computer and your phone. Oh and that’s before we get to clothing and jewellery.

You see what we mean about it adding up quickly?!

What is contents insurance with accidental damage cover?

Standard contents insurance cover normally protects you if you have your possessions stolen or if they are damaged in a fire or by a flood. It doesn’t protect you though, if something happens because of an accident or carelessness.

So, if your toddler gets carried away and crayons all over your cream carpet and sofa; or your daughter’s home dance routine fails and knocks over your vase; or you knock a tin of paint over onto the carpet (grown-ups cause accidental damage too!). That’s where accidental damage insurance for your contents comes in.

Accidental damage contents insurance will pay for a repair or replacement of an item that has been damaged or destroyed by accident at home. If you have accidental damage protection, the insurance company will sort it out.

What is the difference between accidental
damage contents insurance and accidental damage buildings insurance?

While accidental damage contents insurance covers you for the items in your home, you might need accidental damage buildings cover to protect you from damage to the building itself. For example, drilling through a water pipe or putting your foot through the ceiling in the loft.

With accidental damage buildings insurance, you’d be covered for having the pipe repaired, whilst your contents insurance would cover you for any water damage to the carpet, curtains or furniture.

Will I get a new item if it’s destroyed with home insurance?

If you have a new for old policy - which are fairly standard these days, then you’ll be given the money or vouchers to replace the item as new. That is aside from a reduction for any excess that may apply on your policy.

The exception to this may be if you’ve damaged items such as your curtains, bedding or clothing. In situations like this it’s possible that your claim will be reduced by a ‘wear and tear’ clause. More on that in a moment. Check your policy documentation to find out the details.

What’s a home insurance wear and tear clause?

If you make a claim, your insurance provider will ask you how old the item is that has been damaged or destroyed. They will work out how much it was worth when it was new and then deduct some money for wear and tear that would be expected. For example, if you bought your made-to-measure bedroom curtains two years ago, the insurance company may deduct a wear and tear amount before paying out your claim.

Do I need accidental damage contents cover if I live in rented accommodation?

In short, yes if you want extra protection for your own contents - in exactly the same way that a homeowner would. As a tenant, you may not own the carpets and the curtains, but you’ll want to protect your own possessions. That means it could be useful to get content insurance and you could also consider taking out accidental damage protection too if you’re worried about any damage you may cause accidentally. Your landlord is responsible for the buildings insurance, so check with them to make sure they have cover in place.

What’s the best way to get accidental damage insurance?

Accidental damage insurance, whether it’s for contents, buildings, or both, is usually sold as an upgrade in cover to standard home insurance policies. Simply select the cover option when you take out your policy. Take a look at our home insurance providers here

Comparing prices for accidental damage home insurance

For a fast and easy way to compare the price of both building and contents insurance, simply use our comparison service. Enter your details and the level of cover that you need and leave the rest to us. We’ll present back to you the quotes from our insurance providers, leaving you with just the decision to choose the policy that’s best for you.

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