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Accidental damage insurance

Protect your home against accidental damage costs

Protect your home against accidental damage costs

Protect your home against accidental damage costs

Protect your home against accidental damage costs

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Update your previous quote

Protect your home against accidental damage costs

What is accidental damage insurance?

Accidental damage insurance could cover the costs to repair or replace an item that's been damaged or destroyed by an accident at home. It can be added to your contents insurance policy, usually for an additional cost.

Frequently asked questions

What is contents insurance with accidental damage cover?

Standard contents insurance cover normally protects you if you have your possessions stolen or if they’re damaged in a fire or by a flood. It doesn’t protect you if something happens because of an accident.

Adding accidental damage cover means your insurance will pay for a repair or replacement if an item is damaged or destroyed by accident at home. It’s the most popular type of home insurance claim, according to Mintel. So, if your toddler gets carried away and crayons all over sofa, or your daughter’s home dance routine fails and knocks over your vase, or you hang your wall mounted TV wrong and it falls and breaks – you could be covered.

What’s the difference between accidental damage contents insurance and accidental damage buildings insurance?

While accidental damage contents insurance covers you for the items in your home, you might need accidental damage buildings cover to protect you from damage to the building itself. For example, putting your foot through the ceiling in the loft or drilling through a waterpipe.

With accidental damage buildings insurance, you should be covered for having the pipe repaired, while your contents insurance would cover you for any resulting water damage to the carpet, curtains or furniture.

If an item is destroyed, will I get a new one with accidental damage insurance

If you have new for old contents insurance – which is fairly standard these days – then you’ll be given the same replacement item, money or vouchers to replace the item as new. That is aside from a reduction for any excess that may apply on your policy.

Read a guide to home insurance excess.

The exception to this may be if you’ve damaged items such as your curtains, bedding or clothing. In situations like this it’s possible that your claim will be reduced by a ‘wear and tear’ clause. More on that in a moment. Check your policy documentation to find out the details.

What’s a home insurance wear and tear clause?

For some items, an insurance provider may make a deduction due to wear and tear. These are typically items like clothes, bed linen or curtains. An insurance provider may take the age of the item into consideration and make a percentage deduction from any settlement amount offered should you need to claim for this type of item. Check your policy details for further information.

Do I need accidental damage contents cover if I live in rented accommodation?

In short, yes if you want extra protection for your own contents - in exactly the same way that a homeowner would. As a tenant, you may not own the carpets and the curtains, but you’ll want to protect your own possessions. That means it could be useful to get contents insurance and you could also consider taking out accidental damage insurance. Your landlord is responsible for the buildings insurance, so check with them to make sure they have cover in place. 

How much does accidental damage insurance cost?

That depends on the level of cover you need and the value of your possessions or building. On average people pay an additional premium of £27.70** for contents accidental damage home insurance upgrade.

**The average top quoted premium for quotes with contents accidental damage cover is £27.70 based on Compare the Market data from 1 March 2020 to 1 June 2020.

What’s the best way to get accidental damage insurance?

Accidental damage insurance, whether it’s for contents, buildings, or both, is usually sold as an upgrade in cover to standard home insurance policies. Simply select the cover option when you take out your policy.

Take a look at our home insurance providers.

Comparing prices for accidental damage home insurance

For a fast and easy way to compare building and contents insurance, use our comparison service. Enter your details and the level of cover that you need and leave the rest to us. We’ll show you the quotes from our insurance providers, along with the key details, so you can choose the policy that’s right for you.

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