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Frequently asked questions

  • Why should I get family health insurance?
  • What levels of cover are there?
  • What should I consider before taking out a policy?
  • What’s not included in health insurance?
  • Do I need a medical?
  • How much will family health insurance cost me?
  • Where can I compare family health insurance?

Why should I get family health insurance?

Private healthcare is designed to complement NHS services. And with waiting times as long as 18 weeks in some cases on the NHS, more people are turning to private health insurance for their families. You’d still need to go to an NHS A&E in an emergency, but having insurance can offer the additional benefits of:

  • shorter waiting times
  • faster diagnosis and treatment
  • better facilities such as a private room
  • possible access to medication not currently available on the NHS

As an individual policy holder, you can add family members so that you, your partner and your children are all covered under a single umbrella policy. This can often work out cheaper than buying individual cover for each member of your family. For example, a leading UK insurance provider offers a 10% discount for family insurance compared to individual policies.   

You may already have a joint policy with your partner or spouse, so it makes sense to opt for family health insurance when little ones come along.

What levels of cover are there?

Policies vary by provider but, as a general rule, a good family health insurance policy should cover:

  • in-patient treatment and hospital stay for a planned procedure
  • day patient treatment
  • outpatient treatment and consultations

Most health insurance providers give you the flexibility of choosing extras such as physiotherapy, dental care, specific cancer cover and home nursing, so you can tailor the policy to suit your family’s needs.

What should I consider before taking out a policy?

Before deciding which health insurance policy is right for you and your family, consider things like:

  • how old you are
  • the sort of treatment you’re most likely to need, for example young children may benefit from extra dental care cover
  • activities and sports played by family members that may need physiotherapy
  • your health history and how it may affect what’s included and excluded

What’s not included in health insurance?

Again, policies vary between insurance providers, but most will exclude:

  • chronic conditions
  • standard birth procedures
  • cosmetic surgery, unless it’s medically necessary

Some pre-existing medical conditions may be covered by paying an extra premium or if you meet specific criteria. Not all insurance providers offer this cover, so if it’s something you’ll need, check carefully to make sure it’s included before committing to a policy. 

Do I need a medical?

Whether or not you’ll need a medical largely depends on your health and lifestyle. If you’re in good health, don’t smoke, drink alcohol in moderation, and have a healthy BMI, then your insurance provider may decide there’s no need for one. 

How much will family health insurance cost me?

Insurance providers will usually let you tailor your package to fit in with your lifestyle, healthcare needs and budget.  

Inevitably, the younger, fitter and healthier you are, the more favourable your premiums are likely to be.  

The following could also help lower the cost of your premium:

  • six weeks option - you can agree to receive NHS care rather than private care if your consultant’s appointment is within six weeks of a referral
  • excess - you can agree to pay a certain amount towards your treatment, much like how you do with car insurance excess
  • reduced choice of hospitals - you can agree on having access to a more limited range of hospitals. 

Where can I compare family health insurance?

Comparing family health insurance with us couldn’t be easier. Just send us the details we ask for, and we’ll send you a list of potential providers to choose from.  

Compare health insurance quotes quickly and easily, and find a policy that will give you the peace of mind that you and your family are protected. 

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