Time limited pet insurance

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Time limited pet insurance

Time limited pet insurance policies are often called 12 month or annual policies. Simply put, it means that you're insured for vets fees over a twelve month period from the date the illness/injury first appeared (providing you renew your policy). After this, if your pet still needs treatment or medication you'll be responsible. This is the most basic of illness related pet insurance, but can be invaluable if you can't afford the more expensive covers like maximum benefit or full life.

Can I claim again after the 12 months?

Once you've made a claim for a condition it will then be excluded from your pet cover so you won't be able to claim again. In fact you're unlikely to be covered even if the condition appears in another part of the body. For example, if your dog suffers elbow dysplasia in its front right leg one year and then the following year in the left, you probably won't be able to claim. It's always best to check as each insurer will deal with a claim differently. It's also very important to read the terms, conditions, clauses and exclusions.

Is there a vet fee cover limit as well as time limit?

Yes, your policy will state a set amount to cover vets fees. Some policies will stipulate an amount per condition, some will just cover you for a total amount that includes all conditions that crop up in the 12 month period. 

Do you pay an excess with a time limit policy

You will always have to pay an excess. There will be a minimum amount, but you can sometimes opt to pay a percentage towards the vet bill yourself if you want to reduce your monthly premium.

What isn't covered?

Pre-existing conditions for animal insurance are not likely to be covered. Also routine health visits, vaccinations, pregnancy, worm and flea treatment won't be covered either.

Does the policy only cover vets fees?

Some dog insurance policies will include other protection as standard or you may be able to include them as add ons. Things like loss of pet, where the insurer offers a reward; third party cover, in case your pet causes damage to someone’s property or injury to someone; emergency boarding and holiday cancellation if something happens to your pet whilst your away are some of the things you can think about.

Whether you choose accident only, time limited insurance, max benefit or lifelong insurance, we can help you find the best level of pet cover at great value. Start a pet insurance quote today, tell us a bit about you, your dog and what level of cover you’ll need  and we'll search a selection of the UK’s  most recognised pet insurers and get back to you straight away with the best pet insurance that suits your needs. So why not cuddle up with your pet and get started?

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