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Compare balance transfer credit cards

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Compare balance transfer credit cards

A credit card can be a useful tool for flexible borrowing, and some people like to use them to spread the cost of a busy month or two. But because they can charge high interest rates, credit cards can also be an expensive way to spend. That’s one reason people can end up with a debt that they struggle to manage.

So it’s important to spend time deciding which credit card is best for you. There are many different types of credit cards that you can check out with – from cashback cards to those with low Annual Percentage Rates (APRs) and zero percent balance transfer cards.

Cards that offer zero interest on balance transfers

Choosing a card with a zero per cent balance transfer could be useful if you already have a credit card and are being charged a high interest rate on the outstanding balance. If you transfer that balance to a card that offers an interest-free period for balance transfers, you won’t be charged interest on that balance for a set period of time, say 12 or 24 months.

However it’s worth noting that most cards will have a balance transfer fee that will be applied when you move the balance over so there could be a cost to move. And don’t forget, a high rate of interest could be applied to any outstanding balances once your interest-free period ends so make sure you choose wisely.

Check the APR rate

The APR rate is one way to compare how much using a credit card will cost in the longer term once the interest free period ends. Let’s say the APR on a card is 20 per cent and you spend £1,000 and don’t pay any of this back, the interest over 12 months will be £200 which means you would end up paying back £1,200. Additionally there are other types of fees to take into account, such as late payment charges.

Other zero rate balance transfer credit cards may also offer you zero percent on purchases you make. You need to check the policy details carefully so that you know exactly how long the offers last for, and other terms and conditions may apply.

Which card is right for me?

If you decide a zero per cent interest credit card is for you, why not start a comparison with us today.

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