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What is the life insurance calculator?

Our calculator is your first step on the path to a life insurance quote that meets your needs. You’ll just need to answer four short questions, and we’ll work out the minimum amount of cover you may need to make sure your loved ones are looked after financially if the worst happens (based on your individual circumstances).

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Frequently asked questions

How does the life insurance calculator work?

We simply ask you to provide: 

  • How much you’d like to leave to your dependants   
  • The balance on your outstanding mortgage, if you have one 
  • Any future costs, such as credit card payments or funeral expenses 
  • Details of any existing life cover you have, which would pay out if you die 

Once we’ve got these details, you’ll be halfway to a more tailored quote for life insurance that could ensure the financial security of the people you care about most.

How much life insurance cover do you need?

That’s a difficult question, because while it’s crucial that your life insurance premium is high enough to meet your family’s needs in the future – including anything from your children’s education fees, to your funeral costs and other bills –  you don’t want to fork out for a costly premium that’s higher than it needs to be. 

Our life insurance hub has a wide range of information that will cut through the jargon of this tricky subject. You can find more on: what age might be best to take out a life insurance policy; how you might be able to reduce the cost of your insurance; and full details on all of the different types of life insurance available.

What’s the average cost of life insurance?

How much you will need to pay for life insurance will depend on a number of factors. Things that you, and your insurance provider, will need to consider include your: 

  • Age 
  • Height 
  • Weight 
  • Lifestyle 
  • Family history 
  • The amount of cover 
  • The type of policy 

To find out how much cover you need, you can start a calculation now...