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Get a great energy deal for your business

Whether you run a café, shop, surgery or office, the first rule of business is to keep the power going and the lights on. Landlords have to make sure their tenants can wash and stay warm, hotels and guesthouses have to do the same. Here’s our guide on how to get a great deal on what, for many, is their greatest business cost.  

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Compare business energy

We know that what you need from your business energy is different from what you need at home. Companies often spend more on their energy than households. But that shouldn’t mean that you end up paying through the nose for these necessities.

By using our comparison page to search for some of the best prices available, the savings could be significant. Our business energy comparison page makes it simple and quick to find a great deal on your business energy bills.

Frequently thought questions

The sheer number of different options for business energy supply can be mind boggling. And so are the questions you end up asking yourself. Which provider can give the lowest price? Will I still get the same level of supply? Is a larger supplier better than a smaller one? Do I want to combine my business electric and gas suppliers? What about green energy?

How do I compare suppliers?

We want to save you money on your business gas and electricity bills. All we need is a bit of your time and should only need a few simple details. We just need to know things like where your business is based, your current business supplier, your supply type and possibly your MPRN number. It’s useful to have a bill to hand for this part. Then we can search a range of energy providers to find prices from the leading commercial energy suppliers. Just bear in mind that you’ll need to complete a separate quote for gas and electricity.

Just click here and we’ll provide you with a number of quotes, giving you plenty of detail along the way so you know exactly how much you could pay and how much you could save.

What about green energy?

These days a lot of focus is on looking after the resources on our planet. The ways that we’ve traditionally generated electricity – such as using oil or coal – are not great for poor old Earth.

But green energy does much less damage. Green energy electricity comes from renewable sources like wind, rain, tides, sunlight, plants, algae or geothermal heat.

There are also greener options for your business gas supply as well. For example, some providers make commitments not to obtain gas by fracking – a technique that involves drilling very deeply near shoreline gas reserves. Environmentalists aren’t too keen on this approach.

Businesses are often keen to reduce their environmental impact, and so they could choose to source part or all of their energy by natural means. Some suppliers also offer further green policies, like paperless billing or a commitment to plant trees.

We make it easy to choose a green energy solution for your business electricity and gas. Once you reach our price comparison page, just refine your results by ticking the ‘green’ box under ‘tariff types’.

Compare business energy

Some companies may find themselves on a cycle of auto-renewed contracts known as ‘evergreen’ contracts. While it’s convenient, you might be spending unnecessary amounts of money.

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