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What is public liability insurance?

Public liability insurance can cover you should a member of the public be injured by your business activities or you damage their property while carrying out your work. You may be able to claim on your public liability insurance to cover any compensation due to that person, or any legal costs if they decide to take you to court.

Most public liability policies can cover you for incidents that occur on your business premises. They can also cover incidents that take place elsewhere, such as at any events or activities organised by your company.

Frequently thought questions

Do I need public liability insurance?

You will need public liability insurance if members of the public, customers or clients visit your business premises. You will also need it if your business organises events or activities that are attended by members of the public.

Use our comparison service to get an idea of how much public liability insurance will cost you. Your insurance premium is usually based on the kind of business you run, the number of people you employ and your insurance claims history.

It’s important to note that public liability will not cover employees, temporary staff, students or people on work placements – for these you will need employers’ liability insurance.

Do I need additional business insurance?

As well as public liability insurance, you may need additional insurance for your business.

Employers’ liability insurance
If your business has one employee or more, freelance staff or even volunteers, you will need employers’ liability insurance – it’s a legal requirement. It can cover you should an employee claim compensation for a work-related illness or injury. The minimum level of cover required by law in the UK is £5 million.

Professional indemnity insurance
Professional indemnity insurance, or PI insurance, is designed to cover the cost of paying compensation to a client because your poor service, advice or designs have caused damage to their reputation, or lost them money in sales or a corporate partnership. The client in question could be a company or a member of the public – and you could even have given the advice for free.

Professional indemnity insurance is relevant to businesses that offer knowledge, skills or advice as part of their work, such as marketing agencies, PR consultancies, management consultants, web agencies and design companies. These are all organisations whose advice could lead a company to change its strategy.

How can I get a quote for public liability insurance?

It couldn’t be easier. Just answer a few simple questions about your business and we’ll pull together our most suitable public liability insurance quotes for you.

Alternatively, you can request a call back. An expert from our business insurance partner YOUR Insurance will call you to discuss your needs and provide you with quotes from a panel of insurance providers.

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