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Get a whole year of Meerkat Meals & Meerkat Movies*

Get a whole year of Meerkat Meals & Meerkat Movies*

Get a whole year of Meerkat Meals & Meerkat Movies*

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Get a whole year of Meerkat Meals & Meerkat Movies*

Broadband and phone

When you’re shopping around for a good deal, you might well find that you can save money by paying for your broadband and phone in the same package. Compare broadband and phone deals with us to see what’s on offer.

Before you begin, our guide should answer the key questions you’ll have about broadband and phone deals...

Frequently asked questions

Should I go for a combined broadband and phone deal?

Even if you're not going to get a landline plugged in - or you have one and are not going to use it at all - combined broadband and phone deals might still be cheaper. Having one provider for both makes things a lot simpler – especially if you want to add extras to your contract. Compare prices with us to see if a combined package can save you money on your phone and broadband.

What should I look for when I choose broadband?

When looking for the best broadband deals, it’s all about speed and usage.


Broadband speed is measured in Mbps (megabits per second) and the higher the number, the faster it is. To make life easier, we've classified broadband offers into two categories – standard (up to 17Mbps) or fibre (speeds over 17Mbps)

Fibre isn't available everywhere, so when you start a broadband quote we'll check your postcode and only show you relevant deals.


Broadband usage is all about the amount of information (or data) you upload and download. The more you do online and the more devices you have, the more data you're going to need. That's why unlimited broadband packages are so popular and are the best bet if you're worried about going over your data limit.

Fair usage

But even when you've got unlimited broadband, if you are a really heavy user you might need to ask more questions. Many providers have a fair usage policy. Up to 50 customers can share the same internet line, so if one user is continually downloading it can slow the connection for everyone else using the connection at the same time.

If you are a continual heavy user or do a lot of peer-to-peer sharing your ISP might tell you that they feel your usage is excessive and point to their fair usage policy and ask you to stop uploading and downloading files at peak times during the day. They may also use traffic management methods such as slowing down the speed of your connection at peak times – also known as throttling. If they consider you have really overstepped that can even terminate your internet connection.

What should I look for when I choose a home phone service?

Phone deals are a bit simpler than broadband – it all comes down to how often you use your home phone. Most options cover unlimited daytime, evening or weekend calls. There's also usually offers on calls to numbers on the same network, national and international calls.

What other broadband and phone costs do I need to think about?

We always include any line rental charges within the price of your quotes. But be sure to check if there are any extra one-off costs, like set-up fees or connection charges.

Some deals offer new customers reduced monthly fees or free access to subscription channels for a limited period. These introductory offers can be great, but always check what the price will revert to once the initial offer period ends.

Just tell us your postcode and we’ll show you all the broadband and phone deals in your area. Compare deals by data usage, speed and contract length to get exactly what you want – see how much you could save.

Compare broadband and phone packages

Need help to choose the right broadband deal?

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