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Choosing the right pet insurance

We love our pets and we want them to have the best care. But sometimes this can be costly. That’s where pet insurance can come in, but why do you need it and what exactly does it cover?

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Dog Insurance Snapshot

Did you know that the Inuit is the most expensive breed to insure, with an average premium of £778? Or that Molly tops the poll for the most popular dog name in 2016? Learn more.

Microchipping your pet

We’ve all heard the news about microchipping your dog – but it’s not just dogs that can be chipped. Cats, rabbits, horses and even your pet lizard can be microchipped.

But what exactly does this mean, does it hurt, is it expensive and does it come with a GPS tracker so you can spy on your pet while you’re at work? Find out more here

Lifetime pet insurance

Veterinary treatment has improved so much in recent years that our much-loved pets are now living longer and happier lives. But with all those new treatments comes a hefty price at a cost. An unexpected trip to the vets could cost you hundreds of pounds – especially if it’s for emergency treatment.


So thank goodness for pet insurance. Without this cover, financial constraints could mean you have to make the heart-breaking decision between doing what’s best for your pet and what’s best for your bank account. Making sure you have the right pet cover can therefore be critical.

Are we covered for our cats?

Quotes for cat insurance accounted for just 20.6% of all pet quotes onsite in the last month, according to our latest research. That’s despite the fact that cats make up 46.7% of the whole cat and dog population here in the UK.


So whether you want to protect your cat or your pocket, it’s worth looking into pet insurance. You can find information on the different levels of cover here, and you can compare insurance quotes now to see how little it could cost you to protect your cat.

Compare pet insurance

Get a pet insurance quote and you could start saving

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