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Compare buildings insurance

Your house isn’t just bricks and mortar – it’s your home and you’ve worked hard to get it. And like most things we’ve grafted for, it’s worth protecting, which is why buildings insurance should be top of your homeowner’s ‘to do’ list. Plus, when you it’ll only take you around ten minutes – surely that’s worth sticking the kettle on and settling down in front of the computer for?

Frequently thought questions

Owning your home is a massive achievement, it’s also a very grown up thing to do. But it’s one of those grown-up things that can be fraught with uncertainty – like how can you protect it as well as all the things inside. So, we’re here to put your minds at rest with some ‘frequently thought questions’ about buildings insurance.

What is buildings insurance?

It covers the cost of repairing or rebuilding your home if it’s damaged because of an event it’s been insured for – such as fire, flood or storm damage. Most policies will also cover you for internal damage caused by burst pipes, leaks or electrical fires.

It’s worth checking policies to see whether you’re covered for damage done to things like fences, garages and driveways – some insurance providers do cover you for this but others won’t.

Do I need buildings insurance?

If you’ve got a mortgage, your lender will usually insist that you have buildings insurance (afterall, they want their investment protected too). Of course, if you don’t have a mortgage you’re not under any obligation to have buildings cover in place but it does mean you’ll be forking out to repair any damages yourself.

If you live somewhere, where you share the freehold then make sure you mention this to your insurance provider or speak to an insurance broker. Buildings cover for shared freeholds may be slightly different to arranging insurance for individual properties, so if in doubt, always ask.

If you’re renting, then it’s your landlord’s responsibility to sort out buildings insurance – the only thing you need to worry about as a tenant is your own contents insurance.

What’s the difference between buildings and contents insurance?

Buildings insurance covers the structure of your home as well as any permanent fixtures and fittings like your kitchen or bathroom – basically it covers anything that won’t fall out if someone tipped your house over. Contents insurance will compensate you for loss or damage to your possessions – things like your jewellery, clothes and tech equipment.

Lots of insurance providers bundle buildings and contents cover under the generic term ‘home insurance’. You don’t have to buy the two together but it can often be more economical, and less hassle.

Do I need any documents to get a quote?

In short – no. You’ll just need basic information like what sort of property your home is, how many rooms it has and who lives there as well as how much it’s worth. You’ll also need to know how much it might cost to repair if you had to rebuild from scratch.

How do I work out how much my property is worth?

There are two ways you can work out the cost to rebuild your home (it’s not the same as the market value); there’s the convenient way or the slightly more accurate way.

The convenient way is by using the ‘bedroom-rated’ method, this basically gives an estimated cost of rebuilding your home, based on the number of (you’ve guessed it) bedrooms you have. Around half of the policies that use this method will insure your home for £250,000, if you want to go higher, you’ll need to speak with your insurance provider directly. The slightly more accurate method is to get a surveyor to provide an estimate, which they’ll base on things like the materials your home is made of.

At, we’ll help you with understanding how much your house is worth when you start your quote.

What should I think about when choosing buildings insurance?

Even if policies share the same name, they may not all share the same features; it’s at the discretion of your insurance provider what’s included or not. So, it’s worth thinking about things like:

How do I compare buildings insurance?

Getting a buildings insurance quote isn’t about getting the cheapest deal possible – at the end of the day, it’s about getting the best value for the cover which is right for you.

Sadly, life doesn’t come with a crystal ball and we can’t predict the future but having adequate buildings insurance means that you can at least, be prepared. So, keep your home sweet home and start comparing today.

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