Third party car insurance

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Your Guide to Third Party Car Insurance 

Insurance premiums are on the rise, but whether you drive a car, van or motorbike, you have to be insured. It’s the law. However, with so many different types of cheap insurance available – fully comprehensive, third party, student, learner, over-50s (plus other questions such as whether to add breakdown cover) – how do you decide which policy is best for you? Here we take a look at third party insurance, how it works, what are the benefits and drawbacks and, most importantly, whether it is always the cheapest option. 

Frequently Thought Questions

Here, we’ve put together some frequently thought questions to give you all the information you need about third party car insurance.

What is third party car insurance?

Third party car insurance is the most limited form of car insurance that is available to allow you to legally drive on UK roads.

In the tiniest of nutshells, third party car insurance means you will be covered for any damage you cause to another person’s car or any injury you cause to somebody else including passengers in your own car.

But any third party cover you take out also means you won't be covered for any injuries you suffer or damage to your car.

What is third party fire and theft?

Third party fire and theft insurance takes third party insurance and extends it by also covering you in the event that your car is stolen or damaged by fire.

What are the benefits of third party cover?

One of the advantages that third party insurance may offer is that in some circumstances, it might be more affordable than comprehensive. That would prove good news for those who are on a budget.

Before you rush ahead and arrange third party cover however, there is a commonly held misconception that third party cover is always a cheaper option. It isn’t, but we’ll get to that later.

Third party insurance could also be useful for people whose car isn’t worth very much. But then this also depends on several other circumstances such as, a no claims bonus and the area you live in, in case it’s considered a high risk for crime, for example.

Is third party the cheapest cover?

Many people would assume that third party car insurance is going to be the cheapest as it covers less – and for some people it might be. However, market changes mean that often this isn’t necessarily the case.

It’s important to compare different levels of car insurance and make sure all your personal circumstances are taken into consideration in order to find out what’s the cheapest and best type of car insurance for you. You never know, it could end up being fully comprehensive.

Is comprehensive or third party insurance cheaper?

Which type of car insurance is the cheapest for you will depend on your personal information - how old you are and where you live for example. It will also depend on your car. What insurance group is it in, how much is it worth, how many miles a year you drive?

What we can tell you though is what it costs on average for our customers. Based on our recent data, 50% of people can get a quote of under £1,572.72 for third party car insurance, while for third party fire and theft it was under £1,029.61**

For comprehensive car insurance policy though, 50% of people had a quote of less than £718.30**. So, more covered for less money.

How do I compare third party car insurance prices?

As you’ll probably have worked out for yourself, it is well worth comparing the cost of all types of car insurance rather than simply deciding that you want third party cover.

That needn’t be a complicated thing to do. Our comparison service will give you all these quotes in just a few minutes. All we need is a few details from you we’ll do the rest, giving you a list of all the available providers, allowing you to choose the best policy for you.

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