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Timber-framed building insurance

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Why do timber-framed homes need specialist insurance?

Timber-framed houses are still sometimes seen as a greater insurance risk when compared to houses constructed out of brick or stone. While this type of home is extremely eco-friendly, cheap to build and has the potential to save you money on central heating, historically there’s been an increased risk of fire with regard to timber-framed homes. This could cause particularly costly damage to the structure and contents of your home.

Timber-framed homes are also more likely to fall victim to problems with damp, rot and pest infestations, such as beetles and woodworm.

Nowadays, while construction techniques have evolved substantially – making timber-framed homes a lot more durable and less vulnerable than they used to be – many insurance providers still consider them ‘non-standard’ and some will refuse to insure them, or will only offer to do so with a hefty price tag attached.

Frequently asked questions

Will I pay more for timber-framed home insurance?

That depends on the insurance provider you select. It could be preferable to choose one that specialises in non-standard home insurance.

The ideal way to make sure you get a good price for timber-framed home insurance is to compare quotes, which you can do online with Compare the Market.  

What will my policy cover me for?

This will vary from provider to provider, so it’s very important to read the fine print when assessing a quote. Some will provide cover for insect damage and rot, while others won’t. Compare quotes until you find the right level of cover to suit your needs.

What information do I need to provide when applying for non-standard home insurance?

It’s essential you clearly state that your home is timber-framed as some insurance providers won’t offer cover for non-standard houses. You will also need to let the provider know if your timber-framed home was built without a foundation. This could add to your risk profile, as timber-framed homes lacking a foundation are more vulnerable to subsidence. All of this information will make it possible for the insurance provider to supply you with its fairest quote. 

Get specialist home insurance for your timber-framed home

Compare quotes today for your timber-framed home to find a great-value deal. Give us a few details and we’ll gather a variety of quotes from the UK’s most respected home insurance providers. Let’s get started and see if you can save.

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