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As a builder, you’ll pride yourself on a job well done. That and a happy customer. When things go well, it can be very satisfying work. If things go wrong, you need to have the right insurance cover in place to prevent a bad situation becoming very expensive.


This doesn’t have to be a complicated process, we’re here to help you get the right cover for your business. Let’s start by looking at the types of cover you’ll need.

What is Public Liability Insurance for builders?

Working in a hazardous sector, things going wrong could seriously affect your business financially. Public liability cover can protect you financially if someone makes a claim against your business should the worst happen and give you peace of mind that if someone does have reason to claim, your business can continue to run without worrying.
Here's what it could cover:

1) If someone makes a claim because they were injured as a result of proven negligence from your actions. Say a member of the public trips over equipment you've left on a pathway and gets hurt.

2) If someone is injured due to work you have carried out. For example, a customer falls down their stairs because the bannister wasn’t completed properly.

3) If someone's property is damaged due to you or your employees. For example, you drop a drill on a customer’s brand new porcelain bath and it now has a crack through the middle.

Depending on the specifics of your policy, public liability can cover defence costs incurred in the process, any medical costs and other reasonable expenses that the injured person may claim.

How much public liability cover should builders get?

There are various levels of cover, but for small to medium sized businesses cover might start at £1 million and increase to £10 million. How much you have is completely up to you and the size of your business. The higher it is, the more expensive your premium is likely to be, but it's usually best to have more than enough cover rather than not enough.

Luckily, getting a public liability quote is easy with us. Just complete our online business public liability form and we'll find you quotes for your business so you can compare your options.

The quotes will be tailored to the size and type of business you run. We’ll also help you see other types of cover for your business, like tools and plant cover, or loss of income insurance.

Do builders need Employers Liability insurance?

If you employ anyone besides yourself and direct family members, you’ll need employers’ liability insurance too. This can cover you for compensation claims, if your employees are injured or become ill as a result of your negligence as an employer. Once you have a policy in place, you must ensure that you keep up to date with health and safety at work regulations; otherwise you may not be covered.

Bear in mind that this insurance is compulsory, so to stay on the right side of the law, you must have it in place.

How can I Protect my tools and equipment?

Even a modest building business will own a surprising array of tools and other forms of equipment. These can be expensive to replace and in the event that they’re stolen for example, could cause delays to your job. The right builders’ insurance policy will ensure you’re protected.

Can builders insure work on larger jobs?

Something else that’s worth considering is contract works insurance. This covers work that’s currently in progress. So for example, if you’re doing work as part of a large refurbishment, it will cover your costs if a project has to be restarted because of damage to it from fire, flooding, a storm or malicious damage or theft.

How can I compare builders’ insurance quotes?

Buying insurance isn’t the most exciting part of your building career, but spending a little time to compare and buy the right cover for you could prove very valuable one day.

It’s not complicated to do. In fact, it’s really simple. All you need to do is fill in a few details from about your business and then we’ll present back your options from a number of insurance providers for you to compare.

Try it today and see how much you could save on your builders’ insurance.

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