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Protecting your pet

If you have a pet you'll know how expensive it can be to take an unexpected trip to the vets. We want the best for our furry members of the family, so we obviously want to do all we can to keep them well. Vets can do wonders to help our animals these days, but all those medical advances mean vets bills can run into hundreds of pounds all too quickly.

It's not just emergency treatment that can cost a lot. Just like us, pets can develop long term conditions which may need ongoing treatment. That's why many people decide to buy pet insurance, to make sure that they have help with the costs. 

Types of pet insurance

Some policies like a Time Limited pet insurance policy will only pay the vets fees for a year, after which time you'll become responsible for the cost. If your pet is young you may have many more years of vet bills to pay.

To overcome that, you may want to consider a lifetime policy which will cover you for vet fees for the whole of your pet's life (depending on the terms of your specific policy) and assuming you renew the policy each year.

While that might sound ideal, it can work out to be quite expensive. If those premiums are just too pricey, you could opt for 'maximum benefit cover' which is somewhere in the middle ground.

What is Maximum Benefit?

Unlike other pet cover, providing you renew your Maximum Benefit policy there are no time constraints. You'll be insured for a set amount per condition, and once you reach that amount you'll need to pay for any further treatment or medication yourself. This type of policy can be particularly useful if your pet needs 'maintaining' medication like steroids for their whole life. They may not be expensive as a one-off treatment, but over time the cost can build up. But if your pet needs a big operation that costs thousands of pounds then you could find you are up to your limit very quickly.

Something to remember about Maximum Benefit cover is that once you've reached your limit you'll never be able to claim for this condition again. Even if the same condition develops in another part of the body it's very unlikely you'll be covered.

Also it's important to remember that most animal insurance policies will only cover new illnesses and injuries, any pre-existing conditions will need to be declared and will  be excluded from your policy cover.

If you'd like to see how maximum benefit insurance policies compare to other types, we can help. We make it easy to look at different types of policy tailored to your pet, so you can find the best pet insurance for your needs.

Start a quote telling us a bit of information about you, your pet and what kind of cover you’ll need. Once we have all your information we'll provide you with all the relevant policies that meet your specific needs for you to look through. Your pet insurance quote will then be saved if you want to make changes or come back to it later.

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