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Compare EE mobile and SIM only deals

Why choose EE?

Part of the BT group since 2016, EE is the UK’s largest and fastest mobile network, offering more 4G geographic coverage of the UK than any other operator.

EE was also the first network to support 5G. Its super-fast connectivity is available in more than 112 towns and cities across the UK - more than any other operator in the country.

With the fastest speeds, widest coverage and a great range of handset deals, EE is a worthwhile consideration for those on the hunt for a new mobile deal. What’s more, it’s the first UK network provider to offer Wi-Fi calls.

Frequently asked questions

What coverage does EE offer?

At present, EE offers the most reliable and widespread 4G network coverage of any mobile provider in the UK.

EE’s 5G coverage is currently available in at least 112 locations across the UK. What’s more, RootMetrics has named it the best UK network provider for coverage, for the seventh year running.

If you’re looking for fast, reliable, widespread service and solid overall performance, EE is perhaps an obvious choice.

What tariffs and plans does EE offer?

You can compare the following EE deals through Compare the Market:

Contract phone deals

EE offers a good choice of competitively priced monthly contract phone deals. Prices are based on your choice of handset and data allowance.

The typical EE phone contract is 24 months, offering unlimited call minutes and texts.

EE offers a good choice of handsets, ranging from the basic, easy-to-use Doro 6520 up to the Apple iPhone 11 Pro, and the iPhone 12 Pro. Samsung and Huawei fans will also be able to find a competitive deal on their preferred model.

SIM only deals

With EE’s SIM only deals, you can choose between a 12 or 24-month contract. Whether you opt for a contract phone or SIM-only deal, it’s worth noting that EE now offers Wi-Fi calling to all customers on a monthly plan, with a compatible phone. This handy feature allows you to call, text or voice-over IP (VOIP) in Wi-Fi areas where the mobile signal is weak. You don’t even need to download an app - once it’s activated, it’s automatic.

With Wi-Fi on London Underground, new EE customers can also access Virgin Media Wi-Fi in more than 100 London Underground stations for free.

Another great feature for monthly plan customers is EE’s family account. This lets you share any spare data you don’t need with family members’ devices. Add two or more plans to your account and you can start gifting data. This can be handy if the kids use more data than you.

What extras does EE offer?

EE offers an attractive range of extras, some of which are included for free up to a certain period, for customers on pay monthly phone or SIM-only plans.

  • Apple Music
  • BritBox
  • MTV Play
  • BT Sport
  • Amazon Prime Video
  • Roam Further – allows you to use your inclusive minutes, texts and data in the USA, Canada, Mexico, Australia and New Zealand
  • Music Data Pass - listen to music without using up your data – works with Apple Music, Spotify and more
  • Gamer’s Data Pass - additional data purely for playing your favourite games
  • Video Data Pass - watch your favourite films and TV shows without eating into your data. Works with Netflix, Amazon Prime Video and more

How does EE rate for customer service?

EE has been working hard to improve its customer experience and response times, with all calls answered from its UK-based help centres.

According to Ofcom figures, EE’s overall customer service shows customer complaints below the industry average for broadband and mobile during Jan-Mar 2020. 

EE has also invested in improving its online chat help and has now launched its My EE app, which provides 24-hour customer support.

What are the pros of EE?

  • Best 4G coverage in the UK
  • EE 5G network covers more towns and cities than any other UK provider
  • Innovative features like Wi-Fi calls and family gift data
  • Free extras like BT Sport and Apple Music for up to 3 or 6 months depending on the choice you make
  • Good selection of handsets

What are the cons?

  • Not the cheapest network provider
  • SIM-only unlimited data plans not available
  • New customers will face higher mid-contract annual price rises in their bills – anyone starting a new contract, or renewing an existing one, after 1 September 2020 will see their monthly bills go up by the Consumer Price Index (CPI) measure of inflation + 3.9% from 31 March 2021.

How can I contact EE?

You can contact EE on 150 from any EE phone, or on 07953 966 250 from any other phone. If you’re hearing or speech impaired you can use the Relay UK service.

You can also get in touch with them via live chat on the EE website, or by downloading the My EE app which offers 24-hour support.

How do I compare EE deals?

Start comparing by choosing mobile phone contracts, SIM-only deals or shop by network providers.

If you only want to compare EE deals, simply click on the EE logo and you’ll find a list of its latest available deals.

What do I need to find deals?

Simply click on the button below then choose whether you’d like to compare phone deals, SIM only deals, or shop by network. With our handy comparison tool, you can filter your search results to find the right deal for you, quickly and easily.

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What our expert says...

“EE isn’t the cheapest network provider, but it does offer some great extras like BT Sport and Apple Music. Also, EE is one of the few providers that offers broadband, TV and mobile bundles.

“This can often work out cheaper than buying separate services from different providers.”

- Matthew Brewer, Broadband and mobile expert

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