90 day travel insurance

Taking some time out to travel can be a truly rewarding experience. Here’s why 90-day travel insurance is a good option if you’re heading off for an extended break.

Patrick Ikhena From the Travel team
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What does 90-day travel insurance cover?

The level of cover you get with 90-day travel insurance varies between policies, so check each policy’s specific terms. There are two main kinds of travel insurance that can cover you for 90 days:

Single trip - Covers you for one trip lasting 90 days or more

Annual cover - Typically covers you for multiple trips over one year, but bear in mind that there’s usually a maximum length for each trip. 

Once you’ve found the right policy, make sure you keep your provider’s details with you in case you need to get in touch with them during your trip.

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What should I look out for when choosing a 90-day travel insurance policy?

You should make sure a policy offers sufficient cancellation cover to protect the full cost of your holiday, should you have to cancel it for a reason listed in your policy – such as a close family bereavement or jury service. Again, check your policy wording as some events may be excluded, such as missing flight connections (even if it’s through no fault of your own). As a general rule, always take out travel insurance when you buy your holiday, no matter how far in advance this is of the trip, so that you’re covered straight away.

Check the single article limit. This is the most you can claim for any one item that’s damaged, lost or stolen during your trip.

Check the amount of baggage cover the policy offers – £1,500 will typically cover the cost of your suitcase or rucksack, and its contents. However, you might want more cover if you're taking expensive gadgets or designer items. And if you're packing hi-tech equipment, gadgets cover might be a worthwhile addition.

When comparing policies, think about any activities you’re planning while you travel. You may need extreme sports cover if you’re planning higher-risk activities such as white-water rafting or rock climbing.

How is 90-day cover different to multi-trip insurance?

While 90-day insurance provides cover for one trip lasting up to three months, multi-trip insurance can cover you for as many trips as you like within a 12-month period. However, a multi-trip policy may limit the total number of days for any one trip. Choosing multi-trip travel insurance can be cheaper than taking out a single trip policy each time you travel.

If you’re planning to visit several countries in one trip, long stay – or backpacker – travel insurance can be a good option. When you start a quote with us for travel insurance, tell us about all the countries you intend to visit as different countries may need different levels of cover.

What else should I consider before I go away?

If you’re going away for a few months, you should check that you have the right home insurance in place. Some providers set a limit on how many days (usually 30 or 60) that your main property can be vacant for – make sure you don’t exceed this. If you’re likely to be away for longer, get in touch with your insurance provider and ask them if you can add more cover to your policy.

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