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If you buy caravan insurance through our site, you won’t qualify for either of these rewards. However, compare prices now and find the right cover for you.

Compare caravan insurance

If you own a caravan, or you’re in the market for one, it’s important to find insurance that covers you against a range of eventualities. Here’s what you need to know about getting caravan insurance that meets your needs, either for a towed vehicle or a static model.

Frequently asked questions

Why might I need caravan insurance?

A specialist caravan insurance policy could offer you cover that isn’t provided by standard car insurance. While a caravan’s being towed, your car insurance policy often extends only to third party cover. So, let’s say you’re in a road accident that’s found to be your fault – in this event, you won’t be covered for any damage to your caravan. It’s the same if your caravan is damaged, or stolen, when it’s detached from your towing vehicle.

A specialist caravan insurance policy could cover you if:

  • Your caravan’s stolen while it’s detached from your car, either parked outside your home or at a campsite or caravan park in the UK
  • The inside of your caravan is damaged following an accident (for example, a water leak)
  • Your caravan suffers external damage, either when it’s parked or being towed
  • You injure a member of the public or cause damage to someone’s property following an accident.

What’s the difference between a touring caravan and a static caravan?

A touring caravan is towed by a car or another type of vehicle. Static caravans are permanent structures – often heavier and made with more solid materials – and are usually housed on a purpose-designed site where there are amenities, such as shops or restaurants.

If you own a static caravan, it’s easy to start a quote with us for static caravan insurance.

Also, don’t confuse touring caravans with motorhomes, which typically have separate quarters for driving and living, and often come with an over-cab space for sleeping. You can compare motorhome insurance with us too.

Does my home contents insurance cover items in my caravan?

Your main home contents insurance could cover some of the possessions in your caravan; it depends on the level of cover you have. You could have cover for camping equipment and other items you usually carry with you if you’ve specified these items on your policy, or have taken out personal possessions cover.

It’s highly unlikely your home contents insurance would cover you for general household items kept in your caravan, such as cutlery, bedding and a TV. If you’re unsure what you’re covered for, check the policy wording or call your home insurance provider.

What factors affect the cost of caravan insurance?

The cost of insurance for a caravan varies depend on many factors, including

  • Your driving history
  • How much experience you have of towing a caravan
  • How many people you’d like to name as drivers on your policy
  • Whether you hold a Caravan club membership.

Why compare caravan insurance with Compare the Market?

You could save money on your caravan insurance by comparing with us. We’ll compare a range of providers to help you find cover that meets your needs.

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