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Hybrid car insurance

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What is a hybrid car?

A hybrid car is a vehicle that runs on a petrol or diesel engine in combination with a battery-powered electric motor.

A hybrid car can give you the best of both worlds. The combination of a combustion engine and a fully-electric vehicle gives you plenty of driving range and performance while reducing your carbon emissions.

Hybrid mode (often the default setting) powers the car using the engine or the electric motor, or both. Fuel mode (sometimes called ‘power’ mode) gives you the power and performance you need for longer journeys. The benefit is a smooth transition from one mode to the other, adapting your car to the type of drive you want, while optimising fuel economy.

What are the advantages of hybrid cars?

Fuel efficiency
Because hybrid cars can also run on an electric battery-powered engine, you can use less fuel when driving in the right mode. But you still have the flexibility of the conventional fuel-powered engine, so you don’t have to worry about getting too far away from a charging point.

Power and performance
As more manufacturers turn their focus to hybrid models, the market is becoming increasingly competitive. This means that power and performance are constantly improving with every new model launch.

Better for the environment
Hybrid cars produce less pollution, so they can help you reduce your impact on the planet. It also means they can qualify for cheaper road tax and are often exempt from city congestion charges.

What are the disadvantages of hybrid cars?

Expensive to buy
The cost of producing hybrids is still relatively high, so they can be more expensive to buy than petrol-only and diesel models. That said, nearly all manufacturers are now focusing on hybrid versions. As more hybrids are produced, they’ll be cheaper to manufacture and parts will be easier to source and repair. So in time, hybrid price tags should also come down.

Driving range is limited
The range in full-electric mode is limited and typically only has enough power to do short distances at lower speeds. The combination of a small combustion engine and electric motor is less powerful than conventional petrol or diesel cars, so hybrids are really best for short journeys and city driving.

Less boot space
Hybrids have a pack of powerful batteries to keep that electric motor going. This also takes up valuable space in the car – usually in the boot.

Expensive to repair
The dual engine and technologies used mean that hybrid cars can be more expensive to repair. As the technologies are continuously improving, it can also be difficult to find mechanics with the right level of expertise. And if you do find one, they might charge more than for conventional petrol or diesel cars.

Are hybrid cars cheaper to insure?

Just like conventional fuel models, insurance costs for hybrids depend on a number of factors, including:

  • The make and model of your car, and what insurance group it falls into
  • Your personal circumstances and your driving history. For example, your age and how long you’ve been driving, and if you have previously made any claims.

Hybrid car owners tend to be safer drivers, and this may be reflected in the cost of their insurance.

However, parts and repairs tend to be more expensive than conventional cars, so this may also affect the cost of your premium. But as hybrid cars increase in popularity, insurance for these cars is becoming more competitive.

What are the hybrid car insurance groups?

The insurance group for your hybrid car depends on the make and model.

Hybrid cars often fall into the higher insurance groups because they have specialist parts and may need specialist repair. But that’s not always the case.

And although a higher insurance group usually means higher premiums, it’s worth remembering that’s not the only factor in deciding the cost of your insurance premiums.

Find out the insurance group of your hybrid car.

Did you know?

According to research, hybrid car owners tend to feel less stressed behind the wheel, which can make them safer drivers and less risk on the roads. This may be reflected in the price of their insurance.

Frequently asked questions

What other costs should I consider when buying a hybrid car?

Hybrid cars aren’t exempt from road tax like zero emissions electric vehicles, but hybrids under car tax bands A to M are charged £10 less in Vehicle Excise Duty (VED) than petrol and RDE2 standard diesel models. So while they tend to be more expensive to buy than petrol or diesel cars, they can be far cheaper to run.

Plug-in hybrids that emit less than 75g/km of CO2 may also be exempt from the London Congestion Charge.

Do I need specialist insurance for a hybrid car?

Not necessarily, most standard car insurance policies should cover your hybrid car too.

However, there are an increasing number of specialist policies out there for hybrid and other eco vehicles – and you might find they offer you a better deal.

That's why it’s a good idea to compare a few different quotes for hybrid car insurance.

Are hybrid cars cheaper to run?

In most cases, you’ll use less fuel driving a hybrid car, so you should save at the petrol pump.

This is especially true if you use your car mostly for shorter journeys close to home, and electric charging facilities, as you’ll be able to run mostly on electricity.

However, the electric batteries don’t last forever, and hybrid cars often have poor fuel efficiency when they do run out. So, if you mostly make long journeys, it could potentially end up more expensive.

Where can I find cheap hybrid car insurance?

If you’re looking to cut CO2 emissions, a hybrid car can be a valid alternative to petrol and diesel versions. The good news is that hybrid car insurance doesn’t have to cost a fortune.

Compare today and see if you can save. Quoting with us could get you a cheaper deal.

How much does car insurance cost across all vehicle types?

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[4] Based on Online independent research by Consumer Intelligence during March 2024, 51% of customers could achieve this saving on their car insurance through Compare the Market. 

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What do I need to get a quote?

To start comparing insurance quotes for your hybrid car, you’ll need to tell us about:

  • Your car – either the registration number or the car’s make, model and age
  • How you use your car – for leisure and commuting only, or for work too? We’ll need to know how many miles a year you drive and where you keep your car at night.
  • Your driving history – any accidents, insurance claims and driving convictions from the past five years, and details of your no-claims discount, if you have one.
  • Additional drivers – details of any additional drivers you want to add to the policy.

You'll also need to provide a few personal details, including your name, age, address and profession – unless you’ve compared with us before, then we’ll do that for you.

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