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Comparing cat insurance

Having a cat is great. It’s so good to have a furry, purry friend to come home to at the end of the day. Anyone who has a cat knows that they are an important part of the family – and if they get ill or hurt it can be really upsetting.


Another upsetting thing is often the size of the bill you might get from your vet! It’s quite amazing what vets can do these days, but their work can come with a hefty price tag.


That’s why many people today decide to get pet insurance, to protect them from that eye-watering bill – which often comes at a time when you are already worried about your pet’s health. By comparison, pet insurance can be very worthwhile.


There are a lot of insurance providers out there, so don’t just go for the first policy you see. It’s very easy to compare pet insurance with which will help you get the right policy at the right price.


Cat insurance options


So let’s look at the different kinds of cat insurance and how to get the best deal. There are a few kinds of pet insurance which come with different types of cover and prices.


The first kind is Accident Only – which is like it sounds. You’ll only get help with your vet bills if your cat is unlucky enough to have an accident. If they fall they are unlikely to be covered. This kind of policy is usually the cheapest.


Next is a 12 Month policy also known as a Time Limited policy. With this you are covered for any new illness or condition that your cat might develop, for a 12 month period and up to a cost limit. After the year, or once you’ve reached the limit, you can’t claim any more money for that condition.


Say for example that your cat develops arthritis and needs regular medication. With this cover your medicine will be paid for within the first year, but after that you won’t be able to claim for the arthritis. If the cat then needs treatment for something else, that new treatment will be covered for a year in the same way.


If you would rather be covered on an ongoing basis, you might prefer Max Benefit. Here there is no time limit on claiming for a condition, although there will be a financial limit. Once you reach that top spend the condition is seen as ‘pre-existing’ and you can’t claim in future for the same condition.


The final option, and usually the most expensive, is lifetime cover. Again there’s a financial limit, which applies for a year, but when you renew the cover you can still claim for a condition that your cat has had for a while. So, with our example, you will be able to continue to claim year after year for that arthritis medication.


Comparing quotes


To get an idea of what each kind of cat insurance might cost, use to compare pet insurance plans. On average it only take 4 minutes to get a quote.


To run a pet insurance comparison that’s tailored to your cat, we’ll ask you a few questions about him or her – their name, age and how much they cost you.  Some providers also want to know if your cat is spayed, chipped and whether they are a pedigree, so we’ll ask you about that.


Then we just need a few details about you and where you live.


You’ll then reach the quote page. We’ll list out the prices in order, with the cheapest policies at the top of the page. When you’re looking at pet insurance, compare the monthly and annual prices too - remember it’s often cheaper to pay all in one go.


If you have a good idea of the kind of cover you do and don’t want, with one click you can hide quotes that aren’t of interest – for example if you know that Accident Only cover isn’t enough for you. So when it comes to pet insurance comparison sites it’s worth searching quotes with us!


Check the details


Make sure you look at each offer carefully to understand what’s covered including the excess and waiting times for making a claim. A lot of policies will include vet’s fees, and emergency boarding fees if you need to go away urgently and your cat needs care. Some policies also pay out if your cat goes missing, and some cover legal fees if your pet causes damage or an accident. Policies also sometimes let you claim a fixed amount if the unthinkable happens and your cat dies. Some only cover death by accident, others will pay out if the pet dies from an illness too.


Good reasons to buy


There are lots of different policies out there to cover your cat, and we also offer dog insurance too. We make it easy to see what the costs are for the different kinds of cover. That’s why we think we’re the best pet insurance comparison site. Once you’ve chosen a policy that offers everything you need, just click to go through to the provider and buy it.


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