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Business insurance for hairdressers

Business insurance for hairdressers

Without the right hairdressing insurance, a slip up in the salon could quickly turn into more than just a bad hair day.

So as a stylist, what should you look for in a hairdressing insurance policy? Whether you work at home, at a studio or independently, find out all you need to know here.

David Edbrooke
Sub editor
minute read
posted 3 DECEMBER 2019

Do I need hairdressing insurance?

In a profession reliant on multi-tasking, it’s vital that hairdressers are covered against all eventualities should anything go wrong. It doesn’t matter if you work at home for yourself or in a salon for a larger company – if you’re in the industry it makes sense to enjoy the peace of mind offered by hairdressing insurance.

First you have the day-to-day injury risks to protect against – accidentally burning a client with the straighteners, or causing a slip on a freshly-mopped salon floor. Maybe you used a defective product on a client, or applied a dye that has been incorrectly prepared, resulting in a compensation claim.

What type of hairdressing insurance do I need?

Perhaps your home-working operation has grown to the extent that you now have your own salon and employ staff to work there. If any of this sounds familiar, it is likely that you’re in the market for hairdressing insurance.

Public and products liability insurance for hairdressers

Public liability insurance protects you against claims made as a result of property damage or injuries sustained by members of the public, connected with your work. While it’s not a legal requirement, it will protect you whether your operation has permanent premises, or you’re out and about visiting clients.

Accidents happen, and in an environment that can contain sharp objects, corrosive materials and slippery floors, it’s not too hard to imagine how. Public liability insurance gives you protection in the event of an accident, covering you for legal fees or associated compensation costs.

Products liability insurance can easily be combined with public liability to protect you further – specifically against claims arising from use of defective products, or negligent application. You can compare and take out a public liability insurance policy no matter what size your business, and some customers may only offer you work if they know you’re covered.

Employers’ liability insurance for hairdressers

If you run a business and employ other people (including trainees, students and work experience interns) then you’ll legally need Employers’ liability insurance, and a displayed certificate to prove it. Failure to have hairdressing insurance in this scenario can result in a fine of up to £2,500 for each day uninsured.

Shop insurance – salon package

If you run a salon you may also want to consider taking out specialised shop cover for loss or damage to stock, products, general contents, fixtures and fittings. If you own the premises, this could also be extended to include buildings insurance.

You may need to add to your package further if you provide beauty treatments or make-up services.

Does home insurance protect me against working from home claims?

Standard home insurance policies will not protect you against claims resulting from hairdressing at home. In fact, you may even invalidate your home insurance policy if you haven’t tailored it to include business activities.

If you’re employed by someone else, it’s worth checking their insurance policy to make sure it has you fully covered.

What is mobile hairdressing insurance?

If you’re a mobile hairdresser and work alone, aside from public liability insurance, you should also consider a tailored business contents insurance package, to protect your all-important kit from damage, theft or loss.

Get the right hairdressing insurance

Any insurance premium is based on a number of factors specific to you, like your claims history, size of your business and how much cover you need.

Get a hairdressing insurance quote now and see if you could save.

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