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Let’s compare contents insurance

We can help you save money and protect your belongings by finding a great deal on your contents insurance. 93.9% of our customers find our prices ‘competitive’ or ‘very competitive’, so you know you’re in the right place.**


From clothes to furniture, books to TVs, we know the little things matter and we’ll help you compare contents insurance prices that will keep them covered. In less than 10 minutes, you can get quotes from over 60 home contents insurance providers.

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Frequently thought questions

Some things you’d like to know about contents insurance first? You’re in luck. We’ve put together some answers to frequently thought, but rarely asked questions about your home insurance.

What’s covered by contents insurance?

Imagine you took your house, popped off the roof, flipped it upside down and shook it. Everything that falls out is generally what’s covered by your contents insurance.


There can be some exceptions to this rule, such as carpets and light fittings, which some home contents policies may not cover. You’ll need to check the details of individual policies to be sure.

What protection does a typical contents insurance policy provide?

A typical home contents insurance policy will protect your possessions against loss or damage by theft, fire, explosion and storms, this can also include events such as water leaks. Cover will vary from policy to policy, so please do check the details.


You might want to consider getting additional cover for accidental damage, for example red wine spilt on a sofa or an iron mark on a carpet. These are all situations where home contents with accidental damage can come to the rescue.


Many providers will let you extend your policy to include cover such as legal protection and home emergency assistance.

How do I know how much my belongings are worth?

It’s easy to underestimate the value of an entire house full of belongings. People often forget small high value items, such as jewellery and forget to value older items at the cost of replacement at todays value. (That old laptop might not be worth much, but buying a new one is expensive!)


Most policies will also have a maximum limit for any single item which isn’t specified, so it’s good to check what that limit is and make sure you detail anything which exceeds it (this is usually anything worth more than £1,500).

Can I add new items to an existing contents insurance policy?

If you’ve recently splashed out on a new TV or have been treated to some expensive gadgets for your birthday, you’ll want to make sure they’re covered too. Most providers will let you update your policy to include new high-value items, the best way to do this is by getting in touch with your provider directly.


In addition some providers will increase your cover during religious festivals, such as Christmas and life events, such as getting married. Extra cover and cover levels will vary from policy to policy, so you should check the documents thoroughly.