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Let's compare young drivers car insurance

Why compare young drivers car insurance with us?

At comparethemarket.com we just want to help you save money. As a young driver looking to insure their car, whether or not for the first time, policies can be expensive. With our quick and easy form you can find a list of quotes in just a few minutes and you could save money, whether you’re a young driver, provisional license holder or student.

Young drivers car insurance

  • Getting your first car is an exciting time, a car brings with it freedom, responsibility and adventure. However car insurance for young drivers can generally be more expensive. Insurers can quote a higher premium for younger drivers simply because of the lack of experience a younger driver generally has and it is thought that a younger driver is more likely to have an accident and need to claim on their insurance than someone who is older and with more experience.

    Car insurance for young drivers is unfortunately almost always going to cost more than your average more experienced driver but comparing car insurance with comparethemarket.com allows you to find deals that could save you money.

    All you need to do is fill in one simple form and we will search over 400 insurance prices to bring you some of the best young driver car insurance quotes the market has to offer.

    By using comparethemarket.com we strive to find you competitive car insurance quotes and practical cover to suit you and all your young driver’s car insurance needs.

    So what are we waiting for? Let’s have a look at how much you could save and compare young driver car insurance with comparethemarket.com today and see how much you could save.

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  • Learner drivers' insurance

    Learner drivers have their own unique set of requirements and need cover which is tailored to fit. We’re here to help you find exactly what you need to get on the road – so compare insurance quotes for learner drivers through comparethemarket.com and let’s get started.

    Women's car insurance

    Find and compare car insurance quotes through comparethemarket.com. There are no sneaky charges and your best deal could be just a couple of clicks away…

    Students' car insurance

    Student driver? If you are paying your way through college or university, you are likely to need a little help with making insurance savings. Why not see if we could help find car insurance quotes to make it a little easier and you have a few more pennies in your back pocket.

    Over 50s car insurance

    If you’re a mature driver, we may be able to help you find a better car insurance deal. Search on comparethemarket.com and we’ll point you in the direction of quotes tailored for people over 50 years of age – and there’s no junk mail and no sneaky charges.

    Third party car insurance

    Find and compare third party car insurance policies in minutes.

    4x4 insurance

    Not every car on the road is created equal – and if you own a 4x4 then you’ll know that they can be more expensive to insure. We could help you find a cheap car insurance quote for your 4x4 and a policy which suits your needs – so let comparethemarket.com compare policies for you.

    Fully comprehensive car insurance

    Not the kind of person to leave anything to chance? If you are looking for a fully comprehensive car insurance policy, then comparethemarket.com could help you find something that covers all angles. Find the right policy and get your best deal now.