Accident only pet insurance

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Accident only pet insurance

There’s a special place in our hearts for our pets, and they always become a much-loved part of the family.

That’s why the thought of anything happening to them is so unbearable. Much as we do try to protect our furry friends, accidents can happen. And not only can it bring a tear to your eye to see an animal suffer, the vet bills can be eye watering too!

But if you take out accident-only pet insurance, then some of those vet expenses can be covered so you don't have to worry about the cost.

So, what is accident only insurance and how does it differ from the other forms of pet insurance?


It's cheaper

Unfortunately, pets don't have an NHS like us. If we want them to be treated by a vet we need to pay – and it’s not cheap. It can be a struggle to pay a vet bill if it's anything more than a vaccination, particularly with all the other bills we have every month.

So taking out pet insurance seems like a good idea, right? But if you think that pet insurance is pricey – and especially if you have more than one pet – you may want to consider taking out accident only pet insurance.  It’s nearly always cheaper than comprehensive pet insurance and at least you know that some, if not all, your veterinary fees will be covered if your pet is unlucky enough to be injured. As the name suggests, accident only pet cover will only pay for veterinary fees related to an accident - not an illness.


Other things to note

Most accident only animal insurance policies limit the treatment time to 12 months, so if your pet needs ongoing treatment that lasts over 12 months any further fees will not be covered. There will be a limit on the fees themselves too, and once you reach that you'll be responsible for further bills.

Another consideration when owning a dog is that sometimes the most placid of dogs can get themselves into a scrap with another.  So you may want to consider a policy that includes third party cover too.


Getting a quote

If you'd like to consider taking out accident only pet insurance you don't need to spend hours contacting all the pet insurers yourself.

We'll help you find the most suitable accident only pet insurance quote for your animal. Grab a cuppa, start a quote telling us a bit about you and your pet – if you're unsure of anything, look at our help pointers. Once you're done we'll provide you with a selection of great value pet insurance policies. All you need to do is have a look at each policy, its level of cover and decide for yourself which one best suits you.