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Buy dog insurance from £3/month!***

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All You Need To Know About Dog Insurance

‘It’s a dog’s life’ used to mean drudgery and hardship but these days our pampered pooches have got it easy - maybe not as easy as cats but getting there. However, rescue dogs or young pups can be unpredictable so it’s wise to think about pet insurance. But what are your options? Is life-time, time-limited or accident-only pet insurance your best bet? Maybe even max benefit? Our handy guide makes covering your faithful friend as easy as, well, a walk in the park… 

Compare dog insurance

We love our four legged friends and it’s official – dogs are the nation’s favourite with 8.5 million pet pooches in the UK living in nearly a quarter of all households. But giving a dog a home is only part of looking after your pet, because you’ll also want to take care of Fido’s health – but with vet bills rising around 12% each year, it can come with a hefty price tag. Which is why pet insurance is handy – it can provide your handsome hound with much needed medical treatment and save you from some budget busting fees.

Frequently thought questions

Although we love our dogs, questions about dog insurance sound a bit silly when you ask them out loud, but there’s nothing stopping the voice in your brain from thinking them. So here are some ‘frequently thought questions’ and their answers about dog insurance and what you should look for.

What type of dog insurance is there?

If you’re wondering whether dog insurance is a requirement, then the simple answer is ‘no’. But being covered means you don’t have to worry about forking out for costly vet bills or hospital stays, depending on the type of cover you choose, if your dog has an accident or develops an illness.

There are four main types of insurance, Accident only which is like it sounds. It only covers your dog if it has an accident – like if Rover slips his lead and decides to chase traffic. If your dog falls ill then it’s unlikely they’ll be covered with this type of policy, Accident only cover is usually the cheapest option.

A Time limited policy covers your dog for a set period (usually 12 months) but it only covers new illnesses (any existing or recurring illnesses are excluded) and only up to a certain cost. So, if your dog became arthritic then you could claim for this illness in the first year of your policy but you wouldn’t have any cover for it again in following years.

Max benefit covers your dog for recurring illnesses so you could claim year after year for your dog’s arthritis. There’s a cost limit and once you’ve reached that you won’t be able to make any more claims.

As you’d expect, lifetime cover is the most expensive option, it covers your dog for the whole of its life and for new and recurring illnesses, but you’ll need to ensure you renew your policy every year.

Why should I compare insurance for my dog?

We like things simples so we’ll tell you how it is. If you know what you’re looking for then our easy to use search and comparison tables will let you see what each policy’s about at a glance. And if you don’t know what you’re looking for, then that’s fine too – just check out our pet insurance hub for more.

What should I look out for in my policy?

You know how people always tell you to read the small print? Well, it’s good advice because all policies are slightly different and what one insurance provider’s idea of comprehensive cover is, might not be the same as another’s.

Check whether vet’s fees are included in the policy and if emergency boarding fees are also covered. Some policies will provide compensation if your dog goes missing or passes away and if your dog runs amok and causes third party damage, then some providers will cough up for that too.

What affects the price of my policy?

Insurance for your your dog isn’t as expensive as it sounds – you can cover your dog from as little as £2.99 (Accident Only) or £9.70 for a lifetime policy.** Of course, dogs are as unique as their owners and ultimately your pet insurance premium depends on your pooch – some things to consider:

What policy is right for my dog?

The policy that’s right for you will be the one that suits your budget and the needs of your pet. You’ll need to consider its age, its overall health and for what sort of eventualities you want to be covered for.

Dogs aren’t man’s best friend for no reason and nothing says welcome home more than a big, wet kiss – so look after your canine companion and use our dog insurance comparison service to find the right policy for your best buddy.

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