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Sleepy Oleg's bedtime stories

Snuggle down and listen to Aleksandr and Sergei bring the adventures of Big Beetle Bert to life in Sleepy Oleg's Bedtime Stories. Become enchanted by this intrepid young insect's adventures across the African Savanna, in these original stories. Brought to you at bedtime to help Oleg and listeners young (and not-so-young!) drift gently off to sleep.
Lie back, click play and become immersed in the backdrop of Big Beetle Bert’s beautiful homeland. Pyjamas recommended.

The first of our stories sees Big Beetle Bert’s adventure take him further than expected, getting a completely new perspective on his homeland. Click to watch him drift higher and higher in a hot air balloon, as you start to drift off to sleep. Soaring above the Savanna, what sights will he see?

The next of our bedtime series is Big Night Sky. You may be getting sleepy, but Big Beetle Bert is going on a night-time expedition and finds out his nocturnal neighbours are nosy, noisy, and not as scary as they look. Watch below as Bert looks up to the beautiful blanket of stars to find a path through the dark. You won’t want to miss the dance of the fireflies! Warning: contains Sergei’s aardvark voice.

In the last of our trio of bedtime stories Big Beetle Bert has a crisis of confidence and seeks the advice of the cleverest animal in the whole Savanna, the Wise Old Elephant. Watch and listen as Bert learns some valuable life lessons on how being the biggest isn’t always the best! What animals can you spot along the way?