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Business gas is not a qualifying product; however, compare prices now and find the right deal for you.

Frequently asked questions

  • How does switching business gas work?
  • Can I switch suppliers if my business gas is supplied by independent gas transporter (IGT)?
  • What happens once I switch business gas suppliers?
  • Will my gas meter need to be replaced?
  • What rate of VAT should I be charged for my business gas?
  • What affects business gas prices?
  • What business gas providers can I compare with Compare the Market?
  • What's green business gas?
  • What do I need to switch business gas?

How does switching business gas work?

Much like switching your home supply, it takes very little effort from you. When you compare with us you complete a few questions, and we’ll show you a list of business gas quotes that suit your needs. Then you choose a quote that suits you and apply online.

Your new supplier organises all the details of the switch. There’s no disruption to your supply and there’s no groundwork to be done because suppliers use the same pipes to deliver your gas. You will need to do a few things, such as pay off outstanding bills, arrange for credit to be paid back to you and take a final meter reading. You'll get reminders that you need to do this, to save you the worry of remembering in your already busy schedule.

If you’re leaving a fixed rate tariff early, then it’s up to you to work out if you need to pay any exit fees. If you do, you’ll need to weigh up those charges against the savings you’ll make by switching.

Can I switch suppliers if my business gas is supplied by independent gas transporter (IGT)?

Around 1 million properties in the UK are on IGTs, smaller networks linked to the main ones.

You can still compare business gas suppliers and switch if your gas comes via an IGT rather than the National Grid. However, switching may take slightly longer.

Because IGTs are few and far between, standing charges are usually more expensive – which means your overall tariff may cost more. If your supply comes via an IGT the quotes you receive won’t include any extra IGT charges – you’ll need to add these on top of the tariff price you see. Some of the larger gas suppliers will absorb those additional standing charges, but it’s worth checking before you sign on the dotted line.

What happens once I switch business gas suppliers?

Your new supplier will send details of when the changeover will take place, as well as provide other information such as agreed payment method and dates. It’s your responsibility to check that the details are correct.

Your old supplier will ask you for a meter reading on the day of the switch so that they can send an accurate final bill.

Business customers aren’t usually eligible for a cooling off period (unlike domestic customers) so always make sure you’re 100% happy with your new tariff.

Will my gas meter need to be replaced?

Not usually. If your meter is a standard one, then it won’t need to be changed. 

What rate of VAT should I be charged for my business gas?

Most businesses will pay the standard rate of 20% VAT for their gas. However, if you don’t use much gas (less than 4,397kWh per month – you can find this on your bill) or you run a charity or not-for-profit organisation, then you could be eligible to a 15% reduction in VAT. If this sounds like your business, speak to your gas supplier and ask for a VAT declaration form.

What affects business gas prices?

Commercial gas prices can change quickly and in real time depending on several factors – wholesale price just being one of them. Other things that affect the cost of gas include supply and demand, currency prices and of course, regulator fees and government levies.

Most businesses opt for fixed rate tariffs, which means you’ll know that you are protected from potential price rises if energy costs go up and variable rates are increased during your fixed rate period. Fixed tariffs are usually available over one, two or three years. As a general rule, the longer the fixed period, the pricier the tariff.

What business gas providers can I compare with Compare the Market?

  • Axis Telecom
  • Bristol Energy
  • British Gas
  • CNG
  • Corona
  • Crown
  • D-Energi
  • Daligas
  • EDF
  • E.ON
  • Extra Energy
  • Flogas
  • Gazprom
  • Hudson
  • npower
  • Opus
  • ScottishPower
  • Simple Gas
  • SSE
  • Total Gas & Power
  • United Gas and Power
  • Xcel Energy
  • Yorkshire Gas and Power

What's green business gas?

Green gas is sourced from environmentally sustainable sources – such as plants or animal waste. Unlike green electricity, environmentally friendly gas is still in its infancy and isn’t always an option depending on where your business is located (which is why we’ll ask you for your postcode). It's also worth noting, that some experts disagree on how green energy is not always green, when you go back to basics and calculate what's involved in the overall process of creating the energy. You may want to do your own research on how environmentally friendly the different suppliers are.

If using green gas isn’t a practical option, you could choose a supplier that gets involved in environmental projects or gives money to support them.

What do I need to switch business gas?

Comparing business gas is quick and easy. All the information you need to compare quotes can be found on a recent gas bill, such as:

  • your existing supplier’s name
  • your business premises postcode
  • end date of your current contract
  • gas consumption
  • meter number

If you don’t know where to find all of these details, read our guide to understanding your energy bill.

We’ll bring back a range of quotes for you to choose from. You can even filter the results to find your perfect match.

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