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Self-employed health insurance

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Self-emplyed health insurance is not a qualifying product; however, compare prices now and find the right cover for you.

What is self-employed health insurance?

Self-employed health insurance is private medical insurance that can help protect you and your business. It could offer fast access to medical treatment if you fall ill, safeguarding you against waiting lists on the NHS.

Why should I consider health insurance if I'm self-employed?

Around 15% of the UK working population is self-employed. That’s around 4.86 million people. Yet it’s estimated that 93% of these have no health insurance or critical illness cover in place.  

Taking out the right health insurance policy could offer the following benefits:

  • Shorter waiting times - currently the average waiting time for an NHS referral is more than 18 weeks.
  • Access to private health facilities and treatment at a time to suit you.
  • Private accommodation in a hospital or clinic.
  • Possible access to more advanced treatments and medications not available on the NHS.

Frequently asked questions

What other types of insurance should I also consider?

As well as private health insurance, you should also consider the following if you’re self-employed:

  • Income protection – could replace lost earnings with monthly payments if you can’t work because of an illness or injury. Some policies may even cover you up to retirement age.
  • Critical illness protection – a critical illness policy can pay out a lump sum should you become critically ill or suffer a heart attack or stroke.
  • Life insurance – policies seek to look after loved ones you leave behind when you die. You can decide on a lump sum or regular payments.

These policy costs, including private health insurance, can also be classed as business expenses for tax purposes. It’s also worth shopping around as some health insurance providers offer discounts for self-employed people.

How to compare health insurance quotes if you’re self-employed

It’s important to compare prices and cover levels before deciding on a policy that’s right for you. That’s where we can help. Compare quotes with us today and we’ll provide you with a list of suitable quotes based on the information you give us. 

And if you have any questions, you can give the friendly team at Assured Futures a call on Freephone 0808 141 1334.

Compare health insurance with us today and see if you can start saving.

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