Self-employed health insurance

If you’re self-employed, taking out health insurance could provide you with peace of mind and give you greater choice over your healthcare if you become ill.

Types of insurance to consider if you’re self-employed

Protecting yourself should you become ill is important if you’re self-employed. Taking out health insurance gives you more choice over your treatment, such as where and when you get treated. Your insurance could pay for some or all of your medical bills and you might also get access to care or drugs not available on the NHS.

Being self-employed, you might want to consider all the following types of insurance, which can be classed as business expenses for tax purposes.

Private medical insurance

While the NHS is there to support everyone, private health insurance can supplement what’s available on the NHS. Having private medical insurance could mean shorter waiting times for tests or procedures. If you’re self-employed, being back at work as quickly as possible is important and the time saved through having private health insurance could be critical.

Income protection

Income protection policies are designed to support you if you can’t work because you’re sick or you have an injury. Any lost earnings could be replaced by monthly payments, in some cases up until retirement age.

Critical illness protection

A critical illness policy will pay out a lump sum if you’re diagnosed with one of the serious illnesses that are specifically named and covered in your policy - this could include some types of cancer as well as heart attack and strokes. Although critical illness is a different product to life insurance, the two can be combined.

Life insurance

While most form of insurance focus on protecting your health and wealth, life insurance seeks to look after those that you leave behind when you die. As a self-employed person, your family might well need financial help if you’re no longer around to support them. A life insurance policy could pay out a lump sum or regular payments, as specified in the terms of the policy.

How to get a good deal on health insurance if you’re self-employed

It’s important to compare prices and cover levels before deciding on health insurance that’s right for you. That’s where we can help. Start a quote with us today and we’ll provide you with a list of suitable quotes based on the information that you give us. And if you have any questions, you can give the friendly team at Assured Futures a call on 0808 141 1334.

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